Organize Your Sewing Room

A year or so ago I took it upon myself to do 30 days of Organize your sewing room challenge.

Every day there was a new topic to explore and hopefully find solutions for your sewing area.

Since we have moved into the house a year or so ago….and the basement is finished and I’m all moved in, a quick recap and getting a little bit reorganized is needed.

Organize your sewing room. Get all 30 days of organizing plus some extra printables to help along the way. Time to take back that space!

I kind of just tossed the boxes and hurriedly unpacked and stuffed shelves.

Since then I have been taking it a little slow – but I’ve been making progress!  There are still a few spots in the closet that need to be tackled, but overall it’s a workable space finally.

The hardest part about it all right now is USING the drawers and cupboard that is in the sewing room and not toss the little things or whatever in the closet.  I really need to decide what I’m going to put in the drawers and start loading them.  There is a lot of space in there and I’m having a hard time figuring out where to put things!

Organize Your Sewing Room

You’ll find all the topics covered as well as links to check out the info below.  I might be adding to the list, now that I’m working again in the sewing room!

how to fold fabric
2 keeping track of your sewing machine feet
3 ways to store thread
4  trashing your sewing machine needles
5 using fabric bins for storing supplies
6 ribbon and spool storage
7 junk drawers and dividers
8 magazines and books
9 Sewing machine needles – storage
10 Make your own Quilt Kits – Printable
11 rulers and rotary cutters – store and find easily
12 Sewing room Art & Printables
13 batting storage
14 ways to set up your new room. ideas, inspiration and layouts for using your space
15 Decorating- sewing room walls
16 hanging quilt tops in the closet- how to fold them to protect them
17 track printable for projects and progress
18 printable labels for storage containers
19 Declutter your Sewing Space
20 furniture for sewing spots
21 project printable for the year
22 project printable for year in review
23 storing your little bits of fabric
24 Unique storage solutions
25 how to store tall supplies
26 DIY craft and sewing room tables
27 keeping projects together
28 Ironing board stations
29 when to get rid of it

Just how I like it -

Sewing Room Layout–

My sewing room is a long room.  It’s lovingly called the ‘hallway’.  The layout I decided for it is kind of tight…but the tables and desks are opposite each other with a walk way in between.  It’s nice for piecing, cutting and pressing.  Not a whole lot of travel happens.  Simply do what you do, turn around and the other station you need is right there!  Super handy.

You might want to consider that kind of a layout if you have a little bit of a long space to deal with.

Sewing Room Video Tour–

it’s not finished, but it’s getting there!

Right now the problem that I have is I’m just not sure or haven’t decided where to put things.  If I have a collection of zippers in a container all together– do I put the container on the shelf in the closet? or in a drawer in the sewing room?

Why is Declutter your sewing room so hard?!

I also need to tackle the ribbon drawers.  They are seriously bursting at the seams and while the drawer is nice…it’s a jumbled mess and simply not working at the moment.

Have a problem spot when it comes to organizing your sewing room?

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