Storing Your Tall Sewing Supplies

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Tall sewing supplies are not the easiest to store. Learn a few tricks and products that will help you store your tall sewing supplies.

Oh my gosh- those tall supplies can be such a pain to store! They don’t fit anywhere. They unroll if you look at them weird. There has got to be a better way!

organize your sewing room and creative space. 30 days of ideas and inspiration how to store your tall sewing supplies
Ways to store your Tall Supplies~

  • pin them on the end of a shelf. On the side of other supplies they won’t shift of slip out of place. Not the greatest option, but I use it.
  • use a wrapping paper container. These are perfect for fusibles and other notions that come on tubes. Sometimes they can be too tall though, so watch that you don’t loose some at the bottom of the bin.
  • clear containers. You can never go wrong with clear containers. What you might have a hard time finding is the correct size for what you are looking at storing

Storing your Tall Supplies – Ideas~

* I am fully aware that these images and ideas are filled with wrapping paper tubes.  That’s just how it goes. They are basically the same size and shape as other notions and tubes, so the ideas should work- possibly with a little customizing.


Dowels for holding them in a tall position.

trash can organizing

rolling trash can– could be a little shorter, but I like the idea of having wheels so it can be moved from spot to spot depending on where you are working.


This could be customized to the width of the roll.  You could even just turn the frame the other direction so the width isn’t as wide.


Small container on the bottom plus an elastic along the top (you’ll see that when you click over) to hold the rolls.


Pinch clips!  This is so smart! This one is my favorite and I really am thinking I might try it.

What about you? Do you have a great way for storing your tall notions? Share it with us!

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