DIY Craft Table

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DIY your own craft table. These plans and ideas will help you build your own custom craft table for your sewing room. Let me show you how!

Coming up with your own furniture isn’t as hard as you think it is….. think a little bit outside of the box and you’ll surprise yourself on what you come up with.  When things just aren’t working out though- maybe it’s time to diy your own craft table. 

Yes– follow some instructions and put together your own table or other useful item.  It’s a great way to update your sewing room and make it work exactly how you’d like.

There are some plans that start from scratch, there are some that use shelves, cubbies or something else and build onto that.  Either option is a great one.  Especially if the end result is something you love and fits right in.

organize your sewing room and creative space. 30 days of ideas and inspiration diy craft table plans

DIY Craft Table – build your own~

build your own cutting table

Build your own Cutting Table

craft table diy project

Craft table using cubby shelves


Craft table using shelves


Custom sewing and cutting table

build your own ironing board

Super large ironing board cover

Cover for Slide-out ironing board

Pull out ironing board

What kind of things have you made for your sewing room?  Share it!




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