Furniture for Sewing Storage

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There are a lot of sewists out there who aren’t able to have their own creative spot in the home or a separate room in the house….one that allows you to shut the door and hide your mess, I mean creativity.
Sometimes our spaces overwhelm the designated spot in the home and you’ll need to find other places to hide your sewing supplies- right in plain site.  Hide your supplies and sewing spot in plain site! Furniture for sewing storage can come in different shapes and sizes. Time to think differently.

Using large tubs for storing the items you don’t use as often is the best bet here as well.  Get that batting, christmas fabric you use only once a year, extra large backing fabric and those bits that you don’t need to see but only when you need it out of the main space.  Put those in the garage or in a basement storage room.  Make sure you label them well so they don’t get lost!

Having only the items that you really need on hand is the best way to keep things under control.  You will be able to use pieces of furniture to hide what you need.

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Furniture for Sewing Storage:

Inspiration on how you can hide your sewing supplies in plain site~

in a desk

no credit found- but this is a closet in a bedroom.

work table7

Drop Down Work Table- Love how the leg is the trim of the box when it’s on the wall closed.


Hutch- these are perfect for hiding supplies.  Especially if they have doors on the front that close and are wood and not glass.


Hope Chests- these aren’t as popular as they used to be (I have one!) but this is such a great idea! They are huge and lined with cedar so your fabric won’t get attacked by bugs.


Other than the sewing machine on top, you can’t tell what’s inside and it is on wheels so you can move it anywhere that works for the moment.

For more ideas you can check Craft Storage Ideas.

What kind of furniture for sewing storage do you use?  Share it with us!


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