Zipper Bag Tutorial {52 UFO Quilt Block Pick Up}

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bag tutorial  

This week for the 52 UFO Quilt Block Pick Up I went with a mesh zipper pouch.  

ufo quilt block

bag tutorial

These little zipper pouches are seriously the easiest things to sew up.  If you want- you can make a bunch of them and keep them on hand for later for little gifts.  Give them empty or fill them up with some fabulous notions.  In one of the quilt groups…they gave each person in the group one of them if you paid your dues on time!  Talk about a perfect motivator! lol

For the tutorial today I used 2 UFO Quilt Block that I had dug out from the drawer.  Each of them were 9" X 9"…..but because this is all about you and your UFO Quilt Block, please make the right adjustments.

One of the UFO quilt blocks will be shown on the back of the mesh zipper bag, the other will be shown behind the mesh– and all your goodies that you pack inside.


Materials needed:

2 UFO Quilt Block> equal in size

Animal screening cut to width of block you are using X length of block minus 2"

1 zipper the length of the blocks- or a little longer.  You will tuck the ends in or you can cut to shorten it if needed

2 strips- 2 1/2" X width of fabric

Batting, felt or fusible fleece- same size as your quilt block


1)  Fold the 2 strips in half the long way and iron

2)  Sew one strip to one side of the zipper, the folded edge will be sewn to the zipper

3)  Repeat with second strip on other side of zipper

4)  Lay the raw edge of the strip you sewed to the zipper on top of the screening material- Sew along this edge

Preparing UFO Quilt Block

1)  Lay right sides up the quilt block with the batting, felt or fusible fleece

2)  Quilt by machine the UFO Quilt Block to the padding

3)  Lay second quilt block on top of the padding 

4)  Lay right sides together- the quilted UFO quilt block and the zipper with screen

5)  Open zipper a little bit {to turn later} and sew all the way around the whole block– you can zig zag the raw edge if you'd like. 

6)  Trim corners and turn right sides out- the quilted block will be on the outside of the bag

This tutorial is similar to the Clear Bag Tutorial, with a few adjustments.


This is for an ongoing series for 2013.  Check out all the 52 UFO Quilt Block Pick Up posts here.

Are you sewing up something fancy with your UFO Quilt Blocks?  I'd love to see them!  Post them in the Patchwork Posse Photo Gallery.


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