instead of striaght pins, make pattern weights with orphan quilt blocks /
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Quilt Block Pattern Weights {52 Quilt Block Pick Up}

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This past week I have been sewing clothes.   Not the usual sewing around here… but still a lot of fun.  One thing that I ran into having some issues with was –besides finding a space large enough to lay the fabric out and the pattern, was the straight pins!  They are everywhere!  They poke your fingers…get in the way of everything.  The scissor hits them because they are facing the wrong way– or the big head is right where you need to cut.  The issues are endless with those things.

I found that I was looking for something heavy just to set on the pattern piece to keep it from shifting long enough to cut out.   This got me thinking that those little quilt blocks are perfect for making a few of these to have on hand.

instead of striaght pins, make pattern weights with orphan quilt blocks /

Materials needed:

2 quilt blocks around 4″ X 4″ each

Heavy rocks- decorator style or from your backyard {cleaned}

Batting bits

pattern weights instead of straight pins

Pattern Weight Instructions:

1)  Pin right sides together the two quilt blocks.

quilt blocks for pattern weight

2)  Sew all the way around leaving 1 side open

3)  Turn right sides out

4)  Place rock on batting piece and wrap around rock

5)  Stuff into block pouch.  Stuff corners with additional batting if needed

stuff rock and batting into block pouch

6)  Fold the extra fabric inside and hand stitch the side opening with a ladder stitch.

ladder stitch picture for closing a small pouch

I am thinking this would be a great gift for apparel sewers!  You could custom make them for them too– super fun!

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If you are sewing along with us and making up something with your UFO Quilt Blocks {even if you find your own way of sewing them together} we would all love a little peeksee! Post them in the UFO Quilt Block Photo Gallery.  

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