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Sewing Machine Feet – How to store them

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Do you find that your sewing machine feet are all over the place?  I currently can’t even find them! (thinking they are in another room in the house).  They aren’t the largest of size, and they get used and then not put back where they began.  –what? who does that?

These are pretty important pieces in your sewing room.  And, pretty important to your sewing machine.  It’s time to give them the respect they deserve and find a new home for them.

sewing machine feet storage ideas 30 days of organizing

Some ideas for sewing machine feet storage:

  • little containers with dividers and lids
  • drawer dividers
  • the pocket of your sewing machine if it has one
  • in a sewing cabinet- try to use a container for them still!
  • in a small cinch pouch
  • weekly pill boxes
  • peg boards
  • ice cube trays

You'll learn a few quick tricks on keeping your sewing machine feet organized and all together. Plus you'll know what they are!

use a thread or dmc floss container.  Label the top!  Love that idea.  It will help remind you what the foot actually is!

pressure feet for sewing machine

Hang the pressure feet on a peg board–you could label them above as well


Use the container they came with…if you bought them as a set.


Keep them in the drawer of your machine.


A sewing machine mat with pockets— they won’t be organized but you’ll know where they all are.

Other Helps:

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6 thoughts on “Sewing Machine Feet – How to store them

  1. Sharon Hughson

    The best thing I bought for my DSM feet is a match box car carrier. It’s like $7 and sometimes on sale at the big discount stores. HIH

  2. Becky

    oh my –that’s brilliant! I will have to be on the lookout for one of those. thanks for sharing.

  3. Stephanie

    I am a firm believer in keeping SM accessories and manuals with their intended machines. I like to make sewing machine covers as well as matching drawstring bags in 3 sizes to hold 1) the manual; 2) the foot controller; and 3) the accessories. You can even make matching pincushions and needle keepers to go along with the mat with the pockets.
    If you have the ability to scan your manuals, creating e-copies will be helpful for a long time.

  4. Gisela

    Great I get really inspired by your spring cleaning, thank You!

  5. Liz Miller

    I would like a label of each presser foot so I know what each one is for ..I can get a box if I just have pictures of each presser foot and what it’s used for ….I would really appreciate if you could do that …I have alot of presser feet but don’t know what each one is for..
    Thank you

  6. Liz Miller

    A list and pictures of each foot so I know what they are used for.I have a box but want to keep them separate so know know each time what it’s for.
    Thank you

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