How to Fold Fabric For Storage

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Learn how to fold fabric for storage. This is part of a 30 day series on organizing your sewing room. Keeping your fabric all in order can be not so easy.  

Learning how to fold fabric for storage is one of those things that I know, do and then all of a sudden I don’t do and can’t remember.

Then the whole room looks like a bomb went off and there is nothing but trouble in the sewing room.

organize your sewing room and creative space. 30 days of ideas and inspiration how to fold your fabric for storage

How to Fold Fabric for Storage~

  • find something that you can wrap your fabric around.  This can be a piece of cardboard from a box you have cut down.  You can purchase little boards that are made just for folding, use comic book sleeve stabilizer pieces. Whatever you find will work. Just needs to be somewhat stiff so the fabric holds the shape of the stiff board and isn’t floppy and a mess
  • iron your fabric before you begin.  You need the fabric nice and flat with no creases.  Those will cause you problems when folding to a new shape or size.
  • try to keep your raw edges tucked inside.  This will help control long strings that will drive you crazy. Believe me!  Fold a small edge under to keep those edges away from rubbing on other things.
  • try a few different ways of rolling or folding the fabric on the boards.  You might run into a process that works really well for you- don’t go with what others tell you to do- try a few options and go with the one that works the best.  Keep consistent after you figure it out though.  Your shelves will look nicer.


Get your fabric folded!  Learn how to fold a fat quarter

organize your fabric with fabric bundle warp printables 3 designs | patchworkposse #printable #fatquarter

Print off some folded fabric bundle wraps

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This is part of the 30 days of Sewing Room Organizing.  Go here for more hints, tips and inspiration.

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