Planning Sewing Projects for the New Year Printable

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Plan your next year with this planning sewing projects printable.  Print as many as needed and decide what technique you’d like to try and let’s get sewing!

The new year is here….in fact we are already a month in! What?!

Just in case you are always chasing the year like I am — this might help you a little bit on looking ahead, just for a quick moment.

This printable will take just a few moments to fill out, but it will help you keep on track this next year!

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Planning Sewing Projects for the Next Year~ Printable

First- print off the printable sewing project planner.  Then let’s get started.

This year is going to be the best…right?!  Isn’t that what we always say. Like every day?

But this year we mean it.

You will find spots and spaces for you to collect your thoughts about the coming year.  There is white space– if you are a more creative person and would like to draw a few things to help job your memory or explain better what words can’t – what you really mean.

There are words- Create, Explore, Try.  These are there to help you figure out what you would like to Create, explore or try this year.

Could be a new technique.  A new machine you may have bought that is so fantastic but you just don’t have the guts to get it out of the box and give it a try.

Maybe it’s a new design, pattern, or maybe it’s not.  It might be just about things that you have learned in the past but haven’t used or done them for awhile and now is the time to get exploring again.

No matter what you are looking at doing or thinking about tackling- fill out the printable and get going.

*I would suggest not placing it in a folder for you to totally forget about.  Out of site, out of mind. right?!

Hang this up in your sewing room- maybe above your machine, inside a cabinet door– somewhere where you will see it and remind yourself to not be afraid and to explore and finish something on this paper this year.

We can do it!!!  We can do it together.

If you’d like- you can join us over here: Quilting Resources & Inspiration.  It’s a great community that is ready to help with that paper and give support or answer questions if you have them along the way.

What’s on your list that you’re giving a try?!

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