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Sewing Studio {Round Up of rooms}

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This week for the Sewing Studio Spring Clean, I thought that some inspirational sewing studio spaces would be the best thing.  Let’s take a look at some sewing room ideas and how others are using the spaces they have and how they organize their own.

Whether your spot is a cottage, room, dining table or corner in your bedroom– having a space just for yourself is important.

Things change too- so what you have now that totally works, might be changing as kids grow up, you move, or your interestes change. {you start collecting paint instead of thread}

The plan is to be grateful for your creative space and love it for now.  I know I do.

A few Sewing Studios for Inspiration~

sewing studio

sewing studio

sewing studio

After looking at all of these photos, I believe that the Sewing Studio I have is perfect for me now.  There are a few things on my wish list- window cooloer/heater, someone to come and fold my fabric all pretty like, another spot for a sewing partner… name a few.

Make your room just as pretty by organizing your notions, storing your fabric, and storing all your thread.

If you had a dream sewing studio– what would be included?



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  • Allyson

    It’s all so…..organized! I guess a girl can dream (talking about me, lol). Thanks for linking up at Domestic Superhero! Hope to see you back!

  • Lori Mc Lain

    Room for my sewing machine, may embroidery machine and my ACCUFAST Stydio 2 machine. All swap for use. And then I’d want an ironing area close the the sewing machine ND a cutting area so I wouldn’t have to move it all. I’d simply love a sewing room. : – )

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