Sewing Room Wall Decor

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No more plain walls! Here are 5 options for your sewing room wall decor. Think hoops, fabric, mini quilts, design walls and more!

Depending on your sewing room space and what you have, you may or may not have some room on the walls for additional goodies and fun stuff.

Don’t forget to showcase your favorites— like fabric, mini quilts, sayings, wall art and more.  It is a blank space and ready for some design and inspiration.

I keep a few things on a magnetic board- inspirations, ideas, things I love or would like to try.

Don’t get stuck on thinking it has to be right above your sewing machine or cutting table.  Yes, those are great spots, but if a piece of furniture is there or other useful storage solutions that keep things handy for you- than think somewhere else.

There is prime space up high as well.  Look up.  See that space above the door? What about above a window or the top of a shelf.  Don’t forget to look at places that aren’t necessarily in plain site, but are just as good to showcase some fun things.

Not ready to decorate and want the space to be useful and functional? Put up a design wall.  Those are so helpful in laying out quilts.  Even if it’s a small one, you will still love having it!

organize your sewing room and creative space. 30 days of ideas and inspiration storage sewing room wall decor

Sewing Room Wall Decor & Ideas~

sew wall word

Sew words

craft room buttons _thumb[2]

Button Art

hoop quilts

Hoop your vintage quilts

fabric wall art sewing room


fabric panels

embroidery hoop storage

Hoop art


Hang a collection of mini quilts


Make your own design wall

What do you have on your walls?  Share it with us!

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