Disappearing Quilt Blocks, Quilts And Printables

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Disappearing quilt blocks, quilt tutorials and printables. These quilt blocks are fun and always have a surprise at the end- depending on what you do.

They add another twist to the traditional quilt block…… you start off with a fairly regular block– the 4 patch, 9 patch and even the 16 patch.

Depending on what happens next will determine how your disappearing quilt block will end up!

Some have mini blocks in the center, some may look like a complicated paper pieced block, and other layouts.

Add another layer to it when you are placing them in rows for your quilt top– and that’s another fun surprise!

….along with some fun quilts you can make using them + a printable to keep track of how to cut what blocks

disappearing quilt blocks plus tutorials for quilt tops plus a printable. I love the surprise of the disappearing block after you start putting them back together

These are my favorite disappearing quilt blocks:

disappearing 4 patch quilt block tutorial | patchwork posse

disappearing 9 patch quilt block criss cross | patchwork posse
disappearing 16 patch quilt block tutorial | patchworkpossedisappearing pinwheel quilt block tutorial | patchworkposse
dissapearing 9 patch quilt block tutorial | patchwork posse

Need a little reminder on how to cut what block?  

Here’s a quick printable:

Printable Disappearing Quilt Block Reference cards | free | patchwork posse

Disappearing Quilt Blocks Download    Get the password for the library including this free pattern!

Now that you have your blocks done…now what?!  Here are some fun tutorials for finishing them up in a quilt-

Disappearing Quilt Block Quilts & Tutorials:

free disappearing quilt patterns

Have a favorite?

Disappearing Quilt Blocks and Patterns Ebook

The Disappearing Quilt Blocks & Patterns e-book will show you how to have some fun with basic and simple quilt blocks! 

The 4, 9 and even 16 patch don’t have to be so boring. Learn how to give it a few cuts and magically new blocks appear. 

In addition to the quilt block instructions, there are patterns / full tutorials for completing a project (either quilt or table runner) using those blocks. 

All the details you need to know about Quilting & how to get started!

Quilting doesn't have to be hard or complicated and overwhelming. It can be fun and a great way to relieve stress! Start with our 13 quilting basics for beginners and end with a fun sewing project. With a variety of projects, tutorials with the hints and tips, videos and more - you'll find something new every time you visit.

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