Drawer Dividers for Organizing

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Let’s talk today about using drawer dividers for organizing your sewing room. Are you like me?  Do you pull open a drawer and everything all of a sudden goes everywhere?  Things shift and scoot to the back, get lost or even get caught so you can’t even open the drawer at all!  What a mess! 

organize your sewing room and creative space. 30 days of ideas and inspiration www.patchworkposse.com using drawer dividers for your supplies

These are so handy – seriously.  They come in a bazillion styles, widths, heights, shapes and colors.  For me– I just use what I have lying around the house or pick them up at second hand stores.

Think beyond the divider though– what other things would work for small collections of goodies in your sewing room?  Small jars, little bowls, even sock drawer dividers work for sorting and organizing.  Keep it simple and think outside of the box.

As long as the drawer is able to close and the things you need to keep separated are kept separated…then use it!  The all the same color and matching containers do look nice- but really it’s inside a drawer. No one will even see it until it gets opened!

What about using  – strawberry containers, tea cups, random boxes, yard sticks for dividers, tins, fabric bins, plastic cups, tupperware.  You see where this is going?  You can transform almost anything into a container for your drawers!  If you are all upset about them not matching– here are a few places where you can learn how to cover your found in the closet box into something awesome!

Make your own drawer dividers~


Dividers using cereal boxes


random boxes diy drawer dividers – these are even labeled!



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