Quilt Batting Storage

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Today I’m sharing easy Quilt Batting Storage ideas and solutions for big rolls and small packages. Let’s work on it together!

Quilt Batting is one of those things that can be in the way…. all the time. It’s big. It’s bulky and if you buy it on the rolls (because you are super productive and get quilts done) it can take up soooo much space! 

On top of that the packages they come in are slippery and won’t stack nicely on a shelf.  So, what do you do?  Here are some ideas!

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Ideas and solutions for storing quilt batting:

  • crate or other box- stand the packages up right so you don’t loose the bottom one
  • hanging sweater rack.  This one is kind of ingenious!  Those rolls fit perfectly into those sections.  Each section could even be a size as well.
  • highest shelf in the closet with a labeled box.  Put a label on it so you know what’s inside.  Highest shelf because they don’t get used that often
  • rolls– large metal bars like they come on at the store
  • fabric baskets or other containers that are cute.  Love the baby bed idea.  It does take floor space, but it’s cute to look at.

Quilt Batting Storage~


Hang the bolts on dowels


Put them in a basket


Use a sweater organizer

batting storage

Directly under your cutting table. Totally out of the way…take a look at the quilt ruler storage too!  This would also work on the end of the table.

Have a lot of little pieces that aren’t big enough to use in a project?  You can sew the quilt batting pieces together!

How do you store your quilt batting?


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