Scrappy Needle Keeper Tutorial

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Sew up a needle keeper using scraps and bits.
Techniques– quilt as you go or foundation piecing. Super easy and great for beginners!
If you have a lot of scraps hanging around… this is for you!
Gather up your bits and pieces to sew up this super easy scrappy needle keeper.
Sew up a needle keeper using scraps and bits. Techniques-- quilt as you go or foundation piecing. Super easy and great for beginners!scrappy needle book keeper tutorial | patchwork posseIt doesn’t matter the size of your fabric scraps either.
We are going to be sewing them to a foundation- similar to mile a minute and so all sizes of scraps will work.
Needle Keeper Tutorial using your fabric scraps / #tutorial


Materials Needed:
scraps! any size, any shape
For this needle keeper you need a base or foundation fabric. Mine is a piece of white sheet. Use muslin or whatever scrap you’ve got hanging around. You need something light and no or little pattern.
Cut this piece 6″ X 8 1/2″
Cut the felt page to 6 1/2″ X 4 1/2″
3″ ribbon or hem tape
Where to find fabric scraps—
Go through your sewing trash. Mine is a box that somehow fills up quickly…does yours? don’t mind the wrappers and other goods….just the fabric scraps. that is all we need.
Grab yourself a handful and sort them just a bit.
If you’ve been recently sewing up a project, then this is a perfect project for using those leftovers!


Grab one of the scraps and lay it in the center—Right Sides UP!!
Place another scrap across the first one- right sides together and stitch 1/4″ along the cut edge. Flip back and iron. Notice how mine is short just a bit on the bottom. No biggie.
See that little left out spot? It is going to get some covering. Lay the next piece right sides together and sew along that edge.
Fold back and iron.
This next piece I am going to take the full width, making sure it is moved far enough on the fabrics that it covers and doesn’t leave anything left out. Cover up that salvage notes, unless you are using that as your design. man- why didn’t i think of that?

See? After you sew it- and turn it- and iron it- It looks great! On to the next piece.
Continue laying them down and working out the edge of the one side.  Don’t worry about those extra long pieces hanging off the edge. They will all get trimmed later.
Now that you have one side finished, go to the other side and continue with the same process.

If you run into a piece that has no nice straight sides- cut it!
You will end up with this real wonky, crazy, pieced thing that has unruly sides! isn’t it lovely?
Turn this with all the right sides down. Now that you can see the correct shape– trim it.
Ah, so much better 🙂
Now, cute it up.
Run it through the sewing machine. Stitch along both side of the seam. I used my foot as the guide and tried to be consistent.
You can also use your walking foot to help feed the fabric thickness through. The piece wasn’t that big or thick that it needed it, but just in case you run into an issue- the walking foot is great to use.
In the center of the rectangle edge you need to pin the button loop. I am using a 1/4″ wide X 3″ long bias tape- pre made.
A length of ribbon would work as well.

Now you need a piece for the inside of the needle keeper. Girls, i kept using the scraps and made a scrappy inside. Cut it to 6″ X 8 1/2″

Lay the inside right sides together with the outside finished cute piece.
Stitch all the way around the outside edge. 1/4″ seam. Leave a 2″ opening for turning of course.
Trim the corners, and then turn it right sides out.  Push those corners out nice like and iron that baby flat!
Because of the inside foundation piece you are sewing to, there isn’t any need for batting. It keeps it’s shape real nice like.
Coax that turning hole inside nice and then iron that flat. Sew all the way around the outside edge 1/8″.
Go slow it is a bit thick–but this will secure that button loop and close that turning hole.

Fold in half and iron. This will make a marking crease for lining up the inside felt.
Cut the felt page to 6 1/2″ X 4 1/2″
Center the pages and Pin in place. Sew a straight line from the top to the bottom. If you need to make a pencil line to follow- do it. See mine?

Now all you need is a cute button!!!!
Fold the needle keeper in half and pull that button loop over.
Take a pencil and mark right where it is.
Hand stitch your button on–only catching the top layers.
You don’t want those threads to show on the back…or if you do–machine stitch that baby down!

Sew up a needle keeper using scraps and bits. Techniques-- quilt as you go or foundation piecing. Super easy and great for beginners!

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