Organize your Sewing Machine Needles

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Sewing machine needles get lost easily! Here are 5 ways to organize sewing machine needles & keep them organized and at your finger tips ready to use.

Our sewing rooms are full of supplies.  One that tends to multiply easily or disappear just when you thought you had a ton are sewing machine needles.  These thankfully don’t take up much space but they are lost often and a lot of times you have no idea what sewing machine needle is for what kind of stitching or fabric!

I have a drawer that I store my needles in.  It’s not the best option as there are other things in the drawer with them and they slide to the back and I end up digging around in the drawer trying to find just the one I need.

Here are some suggestions or ideas for keeping track of them.

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Organize your Sewing Machine Needles~

needle storage pin cushion

Needle Storage pin cushion tutorial– there are sections for each needle to go in.  They are embroidered.

sewing machine needles

Have more than one of each type?  Drop them into a daily vitamin case.

sewing machine needles1

No need to be fancy here- just put them on a piece of felt and hang to keep handy

needle storage divider

Container with little divided sections.  Could have a lid or not.

needle storage in a cd case

Needle storage in a cd case.  How smart is that!  They store flat and don’t take up a lot of space.


Needle book with labeled spots

Have a great way for keeping your sewing machine needles organized? Share it!


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