When to get rid of your extras

Let’s talk a little bit about our ability to hoard.  Yeah. I am totally in here too.  I loooovvvveeee fabric.  And anything that goes along with fabric.  I admit it.

The thing is there comes a point in time when you simply have too much.  There is no more shimming around your piles.  No more stuffing drawers until they don’t close. No more moving things to the corner of the cutting board– which is now larger than your cutting space!

Today we will talk about when to get rid of your extras and what you can do with them.

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  1. Bevhelps

    24 January

    I purge annually. I donate unwanted fabric and notions to granny’s attic held at our guild’s quilt show. I have to pack it up and take to next meeting so it does not find its way back into stash. 🙂

  2. Jo

    24 January

    I donate to the Louis Project. Call the number in the phone book

  3. Becky

    24 January

    Great idea to do it on an annual basis. That way you get it done and move on for the year and not worry about it. Having a spot to sell or swap like a local group is a great idea. We are doing that this year in one of my groups as well.
    Finding your favorite donation center is perfect- thanks Jo for suggesting yours!

  4. Ellen

    24 January

    I haven’t been quilting long enough to need to purge much yet, though I am certainly taking great steps in that direction! Our church hosts a quilting day once a month and a yearly retreat statewide. We are generally working on at least one service project, so that’s one place some fabric goes. It might be fun to see if those ladies would like to have a swap day!

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