10 Back to School Supplies for your Sewing Room

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Picking up a few things for the kids got me thinking that these supplies are perfect for my sewing room!  The kids aren’t the only ones who have broken pencils, filled notebooks, dull scissors…so why don’t I take advantage of the major discount time of the year and snatch up a few of these things for myself.

Right now is the best time to buy them and get yourself all organized for sewing time.  There are a lot of different styles and colors to choose from, sizes, shapes, and you can’t beat the prices.

Drop the kids off to school and head on over to load up on your own supplies.

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10 Back to School Items for your Sewing Studio:

  1. Scissors– I love, love opening a new pair of scissors. They are sharp, no one has used them on pieces of wood, metal bars or whatever random thing they can find.  They aren’t the best ones on the block,  but they are sharp. and new.
  2. Mechanical pencils- click, click, click.  They have lead and the eraser is new!!!  I use these for tracing applique pieces on fabric, templates and much more. The tip stays sharp and they are easy to pack around without leaving marks on the inside of purses.
  3. Tape– great for putting larger templates together.
  4. Glue stick- I use these all the time for glueing fabric pieces in place when sewing applique.  It doesn’t gunk up your sewing machine, washes out, and you can move things before it sets too much if you need.
  5. Pencil Box– Great for a small sewing kit or travel sewing kit.   This one slides out, is long enough for the scissors and packs a bunch of goodies inside.
  6. Little notepads- keep track of what fabric you need, line, amount or patterns you are looking for inside.  Great reference keeper and it is small enough to tuck inside your purse for packing around.
  7. Post it Notes– Have a pile of magazines hanging around?  Quickly mark your favorites, ideas, to-dos with the post it’s.  You can write on the end the name or something catchy to remind you why you marked it.
  8. Binder clips– Keeping your binding in place can be a little bit easier with binding clips.  Keeps the pins from stabbing your fingers and you can set it down and come back to it later.
  9. Composition notebook- Have something more to say then the little notebook can handle? Load up your composition book {or go for the gridded paper} with ideas, designs and whatever else.
  10. Highlighters– Don’t forget another sewing hint or tip again.  Mark up your books, magazines with highlighters to help you remember it all.

sewing notions in a pencil pouch.

Do you have some favorite back to school supplies that you tuck away in your sewing studio or sewing kit?


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