2 Ways to Fold a Fat Quarter – Keeping the Raw Edges Under Control

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When it comes to storing fabric I am totally a slacker.  I am a kind of fold it quick, stuff it into the drawer or on the shelf.  I have found though, that this method of storing your fat quarter isn’t necessarily the best method.  It leaves a lot of those raw edges exposed and then they ravel till the cows come home.

I find myself occassionally tripping on the long strings hanging off of the shevles! {does that ever happen to you?}

2 ways to fold a fat quarter- patchwork posse

To help me control the raw edges and ravel- I found 2 ways that you can fold your fat quarters.  They are quick and easy.  No need to re-iron {unless you are that sort of person}.  Just fold and stuff place nicely on display.

Fold a Fat Quarter #1~

fat quarter folding- 2 different ways, patchwork posse

Open up the fat quarter and fold the sides to the center

Fold the other sides to the center

Fold in half and then half again

Nice little rectangle of a shape with all the raw edges tucked inside

Fold a Fat Quarter #2~


Open up the fat quarter and fold in half matching up the raw edge at the bottom

Fold the side to the left matching up the raw edge at the left

Fold the left section to the right- the space is divided up into thirds

Fold the right section on top of the previous fold

Fold the top down- again the space is divided up into thirds

Fold the bottom section up- tuck the raw edge inside the folds of the top

Now this little cutie ends up in a square shape and the raw edges are tucked in kind of a pocket.

Not sure what sizes pre cut fabrics are? Clickety click here for a printable pre-cut fabric chart, free!  and if you are feeling like you need to be a genious– How about a free printable chart all about fabric yardage– what size do you get that fabric cut!

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Do you have a favorite way for folding your fabric to keep all the strings contained?




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