organize your sewing room and creative space. 30 days of ideas and inspiration how to store unfinished quilt tops
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Storing Unfinished Quilt Tops

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Storing unfinished quilt tops — this is a pretty important thing.  Learn how and why storing unfinished quilt tops is important. Don’t let all your hard work disappear in pulled seams.

Many times we get so excited about finishing the tops and moving onto the next project that we forget what to do with the quilt top.

Why does this matter?  Well- the top when stored  the raw edges of the quilt blocks or sashings are exposed.  They can unravel fairly easy.  Even that stray thread that you think is just hanging there might be a thread from a seam and whoop — there it goes, you’ve got a thread pile and things are falling apart.

Not good.

organize your sewing room and creative space. 30 days of ideas and inspiration how to store unfinished quilt tops

My mom is one who hangs her unfinished quilt tops in the closet of her sewing room.  They are there, ready to go to the quilter when it’s their turn.  Years ago I went through my quilts and cut batting for each.  They are all rolled up in a box and when I get settled maybe I’ll dig them out and get finishing them.

If you notice in the images used all of the quilt tops show the right sides facing out.  I know you are thinking this is crazy, but you need to protect the stitching when the quilt isn’t finished.

The outside or right side of the quilt can be touch cleaned before quilting, so it being on the outside is ok.  Depending on how long it has been stored you’ll need to dust it off and possibly iron it if there are any creases.

Rolling your quilt top might also be a good option as well if you have somewhere to store them when they are rolled.

I would avoid draping them on a bed at this point.  You never know when pets might jump up on them (could pull on the stitching) or even a person.  And, if you end up moving them a lot it could compromise the stitching as well.

Storing Unfinished Quilt Tops~

hang your quilt top

use pant hangers or pinchers for hanging your quilt tops.  These wood ones are perfect because they are flat and won’t leave a pinched area on the quilt top.

fabric rack

fabric rack– use dowels on a hanger for draping your quilt tops.  Easy to see and store.  Love how this rack is on a small wall that really can’t be used for anything.  This is perfect!


Metal Skirt Hangers– these work just as well!

Do you have a trick for storing your quilt tops?  Share it!

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  1. Johanne Hagar

    I have used wide drapery hangers for larger quilt tops. Also the pant hangers with 4 – 5 bars for mexium tops.

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