How To Make A Travel Sewing Kit Tutorial And Video

The travel sewing kit is really perfect for any kind of travel…..beach, pool, car, camping or whatever! With simple supplies you find at home, you’ll be able to put together your own travel sewing kit quickly. 

It will be ready for any occasion.  I just leave mine packed and grab it when I need it.

Travel Sewing Kit Tutorial & Video


This really depends on what kind of project you are going to be packing around.  I typically use this travel sewing kit for hand work. But it would work even with machine work as well– perfect for a one day sewing day with friends!

Travel Sewing Kit Containers:

The idea here is that the container keeps everything safe from the weather, sand, sun, and hands that you don’t want to touch your project! 

I have found the shoe box 6 quart to be a good size.  I leave it on my lap when I am using it because it raises my hands to a position that is comfortable on my lap.  

I can quickly open the lid, grab the next pieces that I need and close it again. 

The lid is used for working on- like a table, but on your lap.  The edges of the lid keeps things from sliding off and getting lost on the floor.  (some lids are rounded, so watch that prior to purchasing them).

When not in use, I can set it on the ground or wherever knowing that my fabric and contents won’t get bothered or affected by the weather.

Rubbermaid shoe box – it’s perfect in size and shape.  The lid removes completely to keep out of your way.  The sides clip just a little bit.  Not fully water proof, but it will definitely keep the bugs and water splashing out.

Sterilite shoe box – this one has a little fancier lid and closure system.  

Rubbermaid shoe box – flip lid.  The lid is attached to the box. Great for never loosing it, but could get in your way. 

Here’s a quick list of what I have currently in my sewing kit:

Of course I have my kit already made up with fabric, templates or pattern that I’m using.


How to make a travel sewing kit. Super simple with supplies you have in the house! Great for travel anywhere! #quilting #sewing #diy #travel

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