zipper pouch tutorial / patchwork posse
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Zipper Pouch Tutorial {52 Quilt Block Pick Up}

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A zipper pouch is one of the quickest ways {I think} to get those quilt blocks used up!  The block needs to be big enough so that when you fold it over, the pouch is large enough to actually hold something.  Go ahead and fold a few blocks to make sure they will work.  The quilt block I use for the outside is 8 1/2″ X 8 1/2″.  As you can see, the shape takes it narrow and long.  Perfect for stuffing with change, pencils, or library cards.

zipper pouch tutorial / patchwork posse

Materials needed for the Zipper Pouch:

Quilt Block {you pick the size}

Fusible fleece -same size as quilt block

Lining fabric- same size as quilt block

Zipper & Ribbon for wrist handle

The one end of the wristlet is flat with the zipper in the center and the other is tall with the zipper at the top.  This allows for a different, larger space to hold a little more bulkier items.  I also show the placement of the ribbon in the zipper step.  You don’t have to do that until after you sew the zipper so you aren’t fighting it.

The length of the ribbon was determined by me slipping it on my hand and making sure I could get it off. 🙂

zipper pouch tutorial / patchwork posse #diy #tutorial

This is a great little bag for the kids to tuck into bags, hand out in the car loaded with little toys, or stoller.

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What’s going to go into your zipper pouch?


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