make your own quilt kit with free printable
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Make Your Own Quilt Kits

Do you love sewing retreats? I totally do! Make your own quilt kits. Save time and brain power while at your sewing retreats. Plus, there’s a free quilt planner printable for the quilt kit!

During the year I try to go on a few and lucky for me I know a few others who love the same idea, so we get together and make it happen.

This was my experience most recently– yeah, I forgot my sewing machine cord.  Don’t worry though, it turned out ok.

Before heading there though I took a little bit of time to do a few things. Today, I’m sharing my strategy for preparing for a sewing retreat and how I get what I’d like done.

Let’s take the guess work out of what project you want to do, what supplies or materials you need and all of that.  We have better things to do (like sew)…. we don’t want to sit in the chair keeping it warm with our forgetfulness.  We need help! (at least I do).  We need something that we can refer to, reminding us what we have and what we’d like to sew.

make your own quilt kit with free printable

Make your own quilt kits~

This is seriously the best hint I could give or was given.  No one says the stores are the only ones who are allowed to put together quilt kits.  You know you can too?! Oh yeah.  This is how~

Download the Quilt Kit Printable here

1) review the materials list

2) gather the listed materials you need and place them in a bag.  This clear zipper bag is perfect for this kind of thing.

how to make your own quilt kit with printable

3) INSIDE the zipper bag, place your pattern, notes you have written or ideas you have that will be needed to complete.  Something like- what size, what color goes where.  You don’t have to make those kind of decisions there.

There is a lot of distractions and you might end up with the wrong color in a weird place.  So- make notes and keep them WITH the kit.  That way you won’t find one without the other and then be digging through your pile looking for the pair.

quilt kit printable

Now you can take these little quilt kits and store them on your shelf or in a container or something.  The next time you are looking for a quick something to sew, you can grab one of the kits you have put together and you are ready to go.

This is great for sewing dates with friends that you aren’t prepared for!

quilt kit all ready to go

Looking for more printables?  There is a series of 16 Free Quilt Planner Printables.  They range from the quilt kits, project planners, trackers and more to keep you organized!   More time sewing, less time searching.

16 Days of free printables for quilt planners. Quilt kits, project planners, daily to do and more! Such a nice collection.

Do you make your own kits?  What works for you? Share it here!

2 thoughts on “Make Your Own Quilt Kits

  1. Susan


    Such a great idea – thank you. I’m intrigued by the plastic bag with a fabric zipper top. Do you happen to have a pattern available for those?

  2. Becky

    Susan- thanks for asking! Here is a link to the tutorial so you can make your own. Perfect for making the size you need.

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