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When Heather asked if I would share my sewing space I for sure hopped onto that wagon! I mean, who doesn’t love to show off their creative space?  Mine has been a journey- from digging all the carpet out, to redoing the ceiling, painting walls, adding plugs {ok, fine- the honey did most of that} I love my space. Ready to take a look? Let’s go!

sewing studio spotlight tour


*Disclaimer- cleanliness in photos does not represent the current state and can not be guaranteed if you visit My Sewing Space To give you a back history- a couple of years ago, we purchased this home {which smelled like tinkle}.  Knowing that we aren’t the quickest on updating and redoing things I convinced the honey that the best spot for my sewing studio was in the backyard.  There wouldn’t be any dust, paint drips or contstant shifting around because of construction out there.  After a bit of looking over, re-thinking he came to see the light.  The sewing cottage was mine! my sewing studio This is what it’s humble beginnings were.  It was piled high in there of over 40 feet of carpet {yes, enough to recarpet almost one side of our duplex -yippee!} inside the sewing cottage   inside the sewing cottage

Inside there was a bunch of goodies to be found- not really.  yuck!  But as the contractors say- ‘it has good bones’ so we continued on.  It was stripped of everything, pretty bare, but so ready for its new look and life. With the walls painted with concrete water blocker paint, new wood trim around the top of the ceiling {to really hold it up}, all the shelves loaded and filled- my sewing studio looks like this~ sewing studio of patchwork posse I have a big quilt machine {the screaming banche as I have so lovingly named her} on the back wall.  The room measures 15″ X 13″ so she fits right snug.  I have her pushed up against the wall, no space in here for using groovy boards or templates….everything I quilt is by free hand or rulers from the front side. I recently rearranged the room to include a large table I was given by the honey.  It juts out from the wall, but it uses a lot of space in the middle of the room that wasn’t being used. I love it. sewing studio sewing area


I have a kind of hoarding problem when it comes to my sewing space.  It’s full. To the brim.  There are a few things that save me though- My roller cart ironing board.  {with my wonderful trusty oliso iron}.  I recently updated the covered iron board too.  This thing gets moved back and forth depending on what I’m doing. Whether I am quilting or sewing…I can move it around for more space.  I  L O V E it.

sewing studio patchwork posse

I am also a collector of dolls.  Some I have made, some bought at yard sales, some have been swaps….they are a mix of style.  They are all kind of stuffed into the shelf- but it’s right front and center and I love that I get to work right next to them.


Across from my sewing area is the wall of drawers!  I cram all of my fabric scraps into the drawers and books/magazines/patterns on the shelf.  The drawers are color coded, and totally full.  There is also a drawer dedicated just for buttons, and another one for ric rac.  Yes, I am fully aware that I have a problem.


I am not the cleanest sewer on the block I am sure, but I love my space.  It has everything I need right in front of me– and there is a spot for everything.  Even for Miss Daisy…..


Need help with your sewing studio or space?  How about an organizing series– all about storing thread, fabric , notions,  and a round up of some super sewing studios and sewing room ideas.

For more fantastic sewing studios– check out the whole week that The Sewing Loft and Ellison Lane are putting on-  and there is a giveaway at the end!

sewing studio spotlight

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