Year in Review Project Printable

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This is it– we are into the next year and boy was the last year a goodie!  There was a lot sewn and done and now’s the time to keep track of what we have actually done.

year in review 2016

Year in Review Project Printable~

first- print the finished project printable.  It’s free and you can print more then one and save it to your computer for later if you’d like

Let’s get to filling it out.

The large blank spots are for pictures.  You can print off anything you’d like and stick it right in it’s place.

The lined spots are for writing notes.  Here are some ideas on what you can include:

  • name of the project or pattern
  • year or timeline
  • supplies you used- fabric lines, special rulers
  • was this a gift for someone
  • was this a project with others– who were they
  • what kind of techniques were used

You get the idea…..

Maybe there is a story behind the quilt.  Why it’s being made or the initial inspiration behind the pattern or fabrics you chose.  This is the place you can share it. Keep everything together in one project printable….  or maybe two or three!  Because the spaces are blank you are able to fill them with whatever you’d like without worrying about having the date and name all over each.  No need to repeat ourselves really!

Let’s make this customized to your needs and what you are looking for.

The smaller blank spaces are for whatever you’d like.  You can fill in more information, staple fabric samples…whatever!

The whole idea really is to keep track of those projects that you have finished during the year.  You can do this along the way– or you can wait until the end of the year when you feeling like you didn’t accomplish anything, and then you are surprised that you did.  And that you did a ton of awesome projects or quilts.

This printable goes along perfectly with the project progress and making your own quilt kits.

Would you like to share what you’ve been working on or have finished? join us over here: Quilting Resources & Inspiration.  It’s a great community that is ready to help with that paper and give support or answer questions if you have them along the way.


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