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30 Minute Sewing Projects For When You Need Something Sewn Quick!

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30 MINUTE SEWING PROJECTS – for when you need something sewn quick! You can do a lot with a little time. Here are 20 projects to get you started.

When was the last time you were in a pinch for a gift….or not left with much time- like 30 minutes of machine time!  Sew up 30 minute baby blankets, fun projects for your kitchen, or back to school projects.  You can do a lot in that little time!



– for when you need something sewn quick!

Add  a little pom pom along the edge of your double gauze blanket.

pom pom edge double gauze baby blanket tutorial

Take the outside border just a little bit further by making it a miter corner accent.

miter corner1

Keep it simple with two fabrics- baby blanket.

apron tutorial for little girls | patchwork posse

Apron on Point- kid sized!

30 minute baby blanket two fabric needed super quick and simple to sew

Two fleece fabrics….4 steps….super cute and simple scarf!

4 step fleece scarf tutorial |kids love them! | patchwork posse #winter #scarf #freepattern

Felted wool hand warmers…pick a shape and sew it up!

hand warmer tutorial- heart shaped #valentines Patchwork Posse

Snatch up 2 favorite T-shirts and sew up a cinch sack.

tshirt cinch sack tutorial #upcycle #freepattern |

Great for using your fabric + ribbon scraps! Dog Leash

Sew a leash using scrap ribbon and fabric | dog leash tutorial #pets

No side seams showing pillowcase!

pillowcase roll tutorial with cuff and trim

Different method– pillowcase with a cuff!

pillowcase with cuff pattern

Use a fun chicken feed bag to make a fabric bucket.

chicken feed bag tutorial

Use up some quilt blocks lying about to make a fabric bin.

learn to make a fabric storage bin using quilt blocks |

Quick Napkin sets…with self binding!


Super handy & mini, hand towels.

mini towel for your hand with cotton

Add some bling to your kitchen dish towels

cutesy up your kitchen towell tutorial |easy sewing project | patchworkposse

Terry Cloth towels- so soft and you just add binding!

terry wash cloths tutorial

One fabric table runner

how to make a table runner

Keep the dust off your sewing machine with a cute cover-

sewing machine cover pattern / patchwork posse

Stuff all your plastic baggies in a scrappy bag collector

plastic bag holder bottom end

Micro your potatoes till your hearts content with the potato cooker

how to sew a microwave potato cooker bag

Make your own quilt kits with this clear bag– you can see everything!

clear bag tutorial with zipper top | patchwork posse

quick baby blankets - save it for later!back to school projects there are over 15 that you can make yourself! Great ideas! 

30 minute easy sewing projects- great list and they are quick to make! I need the potato cooker!

Check out more sewing projects here.

If you are ready to get your sewing going just a little bit faster- here are a few awesome sewing hacks that you might want to try.  Speed up that needle!

What’s your go-to sewing project that takes you less than 30 minutes to sew up?

5 thoughts on “30 Minute Sewing Projects For When You Need Something Sewn Quick!

  1. nika

    your page was great. and usfull

  2. Rosemary

    I love 30 minute projects almost as much as I love making quilts. I can’t seem to locate the pattern for the microwave bowl. Help? I’m sure it’s there but I’m stuck atm. Thanks, Becky.

  3. Lynda M Otvos

    Rosemary, Here’s the link for the Microwave Bowl Holder:

    I followed the “kitchen projects” link in the first paragraph and then followed the link from there to the actual post where she gives the directions. That’s the link for you. Takes you directly to the bowl holder pattern. (paste it into your location bar if it doesn’t link)

  4. J C Sandberg

    I thought it would be really easy to explain to someone I know from a quilt shop that I’d like sidelight curtains with narrow quilts in the middle. I was hoping she could do the tops & bottoms, and I would sew in the pieces I want to a lining attached to the rod pocket tops & bottoms. She would like a tutorial for this, which I can’t find.Can someone help me out with this? There are so many “how to sew curtains” videos, but it’s skimpy on the sidelights, if anything exists at all, and nothing that I can find with a narrow quilt attached. I want, or need, the sidelight curtains to be for an 8.75″ rod pocket, but then gather on a 5.5″ quilt panel in the middle. This is because I’m curtaining something already hung on my front door.

  5. Ute Loeffler

    You stated free tutorial to make self binding napkins. All I got was 10 pages of : BLOG,PRINTABLE S, QUILT ALONGS…….

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