30 Minute Sewing Projects For When You Need Something Sewn Quick!

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30 MINUTE SEWING PROJECTS – for when you need something sewn quick! You can do a lot with a little time. Here are 20 projects to get you started.

When was the last time you were in a pinch for a gift….or not left with much time- like 30 minutes of machine time!  Sew up 30 minute baby blankets, fun projects for your kitchen, or back to school projects.  You can do a lot in that little time!



– for when you need something sewn quick!

Add  a little pom pom along the edge of your double gauze blanket.

pom pom edge double gauze baby blanket tutorial

Take the outside border just a little bit further by making it a miter corner accent.

miter corner1

Keep it simple with two fabrics- baby blanket.

apron tutorial for little girls | patchwork posse

Apron on Point- kid sized!

30 minute baby blanket two fabric needed super quick and simple to sew

Two fleece fabrics….4 steps….super cute and simple scarf!

4 step fleece scarf tutorial |kids love them! | patchwork posse #winter #scarf #freepattern

Felted wool hand warmers…pick a shape and sew it up!

hand warmer tutorial- heart shaped #valentines Patchwork Posse

Snatch up 2 favorite T-shirts and sew up a cinch sack.

tshirt cinch sack tutorial #upcycle #freepattern | patchworkposse.com

Great for using your fabric + ribbon scraps! Dog Leash

Sew a leash using scrap ribbon and fabric | dog leash tutorial #pets

No side seams showing pillowcase!

pillowcase roll tutorial with cuff and trim

Different method– pillowcase with a cuff!

pillowcase with cuff pattern

Use a fun chicken feed bag to make a fabric bucket.

chicken feed bag tutorial

Use up some quilt blocks lying about to make a fabric bin.

learn to make a fabric storage bin using quilt blocks | patchworkposse.com

Quick Napkin sets…with self binding!


Super handy & mini, hand towels.

mini towel for your hand with cotton

Add some bling to your kitchen dish towels

cutesy up your kitchen towell tutorial |easy sewing project | patchworkposse

Terry Cloth towels- so soft and you just add binding!

terry wash cloths tutorial

One fabric table runner

how to make a table runner

Keep the dust off your sewing machine with a cute cover-

sewing machine cover pattern / patchwork posse

Stuff all your plastic baggies in a scrappy bag collector

plastic bag holder bottom end

Micro your potatoes till your hearts content with the potato cooker

how to sew a microwave potato cooker bag

Make your own quilt kits with this clear bag– you can see everything!

clear bag tutorial with zipper top | patchwork posse

quick baby blankets - save it for later! back to school projects there are over 15 that you can make yourself! Great ideas!  

30 minute easy sewing projects- great list and they are quick to make! I need the potato cooker!

Check out more sewing projects here.

If you are ready to get your sewing going just a little bit faster- here are a few awesome sewing hacks that you might want to try.  Speed up that needle!

What’s your go-to sewing project that takes you less than 30 minutes to sew up?


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