Simple and Quick 30 Minute Baby Blankets

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Sometimes I find that time runs out.  I had plans on putting something together and sewing up a storm, but other things got in the way and it never happened.  Just in case this happens to you– here are some great super simple and quick baby blankets.

Some feature minky, fur, fleece, flannel or cotton.  If you have a little more time on your hands, you can add a ruffle or some applique.

These are great for making a pile of and then having them on hand for emergency invitations.

Nothing says handmade then a baby blanket. They are perfect for gifts and for snuggling.

quick baby blankets - save it for later!

Quick and Cute Baby Blankets~

baby quilt with pre quilted fabric 30 minute baby blanket two fabric needed super quick and simple to sew
babyblanket1 babyblanket3
babyblanket2  self binding baby quilt | patchworkposse
babyblanket4 babyblanket5
 babyblanket7  babyblanket6
 babyblanket8  full_384_133583_MinkyBabyBlanketPattern_2
 full_3001_10531_ReceivingBlanketpattern_1  babyblanket9
 babyblanket10  full_8426_89053_TeddyBearShapedBlanket_1
 full_4780_128921_SimpleQuiltedBlanket_4  babyblanket11

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