Microwave Bowl Potholder

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Sew up a microwave bowl potholder with cotton batting and fabric scraps. Use the quilt as you go technique. Great for saving fingers on hot bowls!

Are you one of the types that tosses a bowl in the microwave and when it bings- you quickly grab it and then howl because it’s hot! I mean, how does that bowl get soooo hot!
To help us all out and save a bit of flesh on the palms of our hands, let’s make ourselves a hot pad for our bowl- or a

microwave bowl potholder!

This thing actually goes into the microwave with the bowl. It sits in there are twirls and when it’s all done you grab a hold of the pot holder, not the bowl!
The corners point out just a bit and are perfect to get a grip on.

microwave bowl pot holder - great tutorial and perfect for using in the microwave. won't get hot and there are little handles too!

Materials Needed:

batting- 100% cotton only –wrap and zap batting is made just for using in the microwave

backing fabric

fabric scraps

Microwave batting:

corner handles of the microwave bowl - i use mine all the time.

Microwave Bowl Potholder Pattern~

You will need to figure out the size your fabric and batting needs to be– measure your bowl from side to side, across the bottom/center.  Add 1/2″ to this measurement.  My bowl measured 10″ so my squares were 10 1/2″

1)  Cut your backing and batting to 10 1/2″ square

2)  Lay your fabric scraps on top of the batting and stitch using the quilt as you go technique


3)  Trim either the front OR the backing 3/4″ larger on each side – this will be used as the binding on the next step

4)  Fold the edges over twice to bind the sides


5)  Fold the square in half diagonally

6)  Measure from the corner and stitch to box pleat the corner– measurement is around 2″ – 2  1/2″ depending on how deep you want the bowl to be.

box the corner

7)  Repeat on all 4 corners- check the size of the bowl to make sure it fits.  Make any adjustments to the corners now if you need.

corner handle micro bowl

Click on the page # below to finish up your project~

8)  Flatten the corners down and stitch to secure- this will give you those little handles

sew the corner down

9)  Place your bowl inside and microwave.  The potholder bowl can go into the microwave- no problem.  When you need to remove the bowl, hold onto the little handles to keep your fingers from getting burned.

quilted microwave bowl - this would be great for any size of bowl too!

microwave bowl potholder - great tutorial and i really like the handles


Sew up a microwave bowl potholder with cotton batting and fabric scraps. Use the quilt as you go technique. Great for saving fingers on hot bowls!

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how to sew a microwave potato cooker bag

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  • sheryll

    I make microwave bowl holders all the time and people love them. Your way, with the handles, is truly ingenious. Congratulations!

  • Denise B

    I love this fabric bowl potholder . The other one I saw was a pain to make, cute but a pain to make and took too long. I think the handles really are so much better than the other one. I’m going to sew up a bunch of them, I have three grandchildren who will love these for using on the table for those hot bowls of soup in the winter as well as for the microwave.
    Also, I love your web site.

  • Marcy

    I just started one of these using your pattern and it is easier than the other popular one one the net. Please remind folks to use only cotton supplies, including thread.

    Question-on number six, meaure from the corner and stitch…. What is the measurement.

  • myra

    Due to having arthritis in my fingersI will make the tabs bigger so that I can get a better grip. Thanks.

  • Eileen

    Love the concept, I will make some. Please not so many large pictures. Paper and ink are expensive.
    Can’t find a command “to print”.

  • anna

    was desperately looking for a practical gift idea for Christmas- for someone who has everything and don’t want to buy the gift. this is the perfect idea !!!

  • Melissa

    I don’t quite understand step 3) Trim either the front of the backing 3/4″ larger on each side Just trying to clarify – do you trim the backing fabric and batting by 3/4″ on all sides to wrap the front fabric to the back to make the binding? I’m a very visual person and want to make sure I understand, as I’d love to make these

  • Bonnie

    I like your pattern. I have made some of the other pattern. When i washed the bowl holder it shrunk.
    Do you prewash your fabric? If you do , do you think the batting will shrink?

  • Joyce Saunders

    I am also not clear on step 3. Do you trim the batting and inside of the bowl 3/4 shorter than the outside fabric and then turn the outside in to the inside of the bowl and hem. This sounds much easier than previous ones I tried.
    Thank you.

  • Meredith

    I am going to try this. I also have made the Potato bag and love it! I gave several away for Christmas….

  • Diane

    I was teaching my grandgirls how to make these bowl but didn’t make the handles big enough now I know why thanks for the pattern

  • Denise

    So I can print and save these wonderful patterns I use my computer. I copy the directions then paste into word. You can also re size pictures if you want then print them out. No huge pictures and easily printed. Thank you for your marvellous ideas. They are much appreciated.

  • Carol McCollum

    Step 3 is confusing…and there is no picture of that step. Maybe: “Trim 3/4″ off all 4 sides of either front or backing. Then fold over the remaining untrimmed edge twice so it can be sewn down as binding.” Or… “Trim either the front or the backing 3/4″ SMALLER on each side–” A picture of that step would certainly help clarify!!
    I like your method much better than the other popular microwave bowl holder pattern!! Thank you!!

  • Cheryl

    Step #3 says to make the front or the back fabric 3/4″ LARGER to make the binding. The word “trim” makes it confusing. So instead of 10 1/2″ make it 11 1/4″. Fold it over twice and stitch to the smaller piece as binding.

  • Liz

    I cannot locate finishing instructions…..I could probably wing it and my husband says the bowl holder works well with the flaps, but I’d like to do it “right” !

  • MaggieMom1

    Hi Becky!
    Just found you today, I am sooo glad I did. I am newly retired (YAAY!) and I spent the afternoon making these Micro Bowl Cozies, my girls will be thrilled. The handles are excellent, you can still see the contents and this will prevent me from dumping the contents down the front of me, hee hee. Ask me how I learned that!
    Keep up the great, creative work, thanks for the great tute.

  • Salliejean Huber

    I’m looking forward to making at least 10 of these as Christmas/hostess gifts. I’m wondering how they would work with string blocks, always looking for projects using strings. LOL I just found you today and looking forward to many more fun projects. Thanks for letting me subscribe.

  • Jeannette

    I know the directions say only use cotton. I tred different cotton blends (scraps) nothing happened. Can I use felt for the inside?

  • Cherle Herzmann

    I was wondering if the microwave bowl potholder pattern could be used to earn pocket change. I’m not interested in manufacturing these, just earning a little Chrismas cash.

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