Heart Hand Warmers Tutorial

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I have been using a few hand warmers lately to help with the chilly weather.  The heater is on, but it’s still freezy!  That’s how I feel!

I had a cute pair, but they were cooked too many times and no longer worked.  It was time to make me some new ones.

hand warmer tutorial- heart shaped #valentines Patchwork Posse

For these hand warmers I used felted wool sweaters.  I keep a little pile in the sewing cottage for different projects.  

These are sweaters that have either been accidentally been shrunk or I shank, or felted them myself.

I also thought that because they might not be fully felted and they have larger stitching holes I use an added layer of muslin.  

I used white, but maybe should have used a pink fabric to blend better with the wool.

Materials Needed:

  • felted wool
  • rice
  • pinking shears
  • muslin fabric

Heart Hand Warmers Tutorial:

  1. Make a heart template and cut out
  2. Cut out 2 hearts out of muslin and 2 hearts out of wool
  3. Layer the 2 muslin hearts, wool heart on top and bottom
  4. Sew all the way around the heart, leaving a 1″ opening for rice filling
  5. Use a funnel and fill with rice
  6. Sew the opening closed
  7. Using pinking shears, trim the edges

hand warmer tutorial- heart shaped #valentines Patchwork Posse

How to use heart hand warmers:

Warm in the microwave for 30-45 seconds.

hand warmer tutorial- heart shaped #valentines Patchwork Posse

These don’t take long to make and because they are sewn by machine and the edges are pinking sheared, they make up super quick!  

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This is a great easy sewing project for teachers, friends, or yourself for Valentines holiday.

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Learn how to sew hand warmers in the shape of hearts! Use felted wool and rice to sew up this quick project. Great for any season and sewing ability! #sewing #diy #winter

Do you make hand warmers?  What kind of fabrics or shapes do you sew?


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