30 Minute Baby Blanket Tutorial

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Learn how to sew a quick baby blanket using 2 pieces of fabric and 30 minutes of time.

Need a baby blanket quick? This one only takes 30 minutes. Great for baby showers and presents for new moms.

Sometimes there comes a time when you are surprised with an invite to a baby shower.  That has happened a couple of times around here.  I find that the best and quickest baby blanket is this blanket.

With two fabrics you can sew up this simple baby blanket in no time at all!  These are great to make in a bunch at a time and keep on hand for those last minute grab and give.

30 minute baby blanket tutorial

Materials Needed:

2 pieces of fabric exactly the same size– one for each side of the blanket

  • One fabric will be the top and the other will be the backing for the blanket making it double sided!  They can be coordinating fabric, the same or some fun contrasting fabric.

Used for this tutorial– 2 flannel fabrics.  Sizes: 42″ X 46″

You can pick up the fabric here , here or here.

*you could also use flannel and fleece for this baby blanket

Additional supplies you may need:

30 minute baby blanket two fabric needed super quick and simple to sew

30 Minute Baby Blanket Instructions~

1) Lay your fabrics right sides together

2)  Pin around the outside

3)  Sew all the way around, leaving a 3″ opening for turning

sew the opening closed

4)  Snip corners, turn right sides out and iron the seams

5)  Using a ladder stitch, close the opening

ladder stitch the opening closed

6)  Sew all the way around the outside edge about 1/4″ – 1/2″ from the edge

sewing around the quilt

That’s is.  Your ready to roll it up and save it for a quick gift.

Even if it’s for a little kid and not a baby, these still work great!  Use a little bit longer piece of fabric to make it a bit larger.

two fabric baby quilt tutorial super cute and simple to sew in one day


Need a baby blanket quick? This one only takes 30 minutes. Great for baby showers and presents for new moms. #QUILTING #SEWING

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