Chicken Feed Bag Tutorial

Chicken Feed Bag Tutorial

We got a few new chicks a couple of weeks ago……they came with a duck too!  They are so super cute, but eat a bundle.   That’s ok though because their feed bag is super cute and they are great for a few fun projects.

The first project sewn together is a fabric bucket style.  It’s perfect for storing fabric bundles, yarn, thread, notions…whatever really!

make a bag with a chicken feed sack

Materials Needed:

1 feed sack

fat quarter of fabric

chicken feed bag tutorial

Chicken Feed Bag Tutorial:

1)  Cut the ends off of the bag or remove the white tied binding closure it comes with.

2)  Wipe down the inside of the bag

3)  Cut your bag into the size you’d like….my measurements came out to be 19″ X 10″

chicken bag1

4)  Sew the bottom of the bag

5)  Cut the corner out 2″ X 2″

box corners 1

6)  Re-fold so the bottom seam is in the center- lining up the cut ends- sew across.  This is a box your corner technique.

box corners 2

7)  Repeat this process with the lining —if you find that you’d like your bag a little stiffer, add interfacing at this point to the lining.

* when sewing across the bottom of the lining, leave a 3″ opening for turning

8)  With right sides together, sew across the top edge of the bag

box corners 3

9)  Pull everything out the opening in the lining and stuff the lining inside the bag

stuff the inside

10)  Sew across the top

sew the top edge

Load it with fun stuff!

fabric bag tutorial

feed sack bag

I didn’t end up using the whole bag….there are plans to make a zipper bag with the rest of it!

Are you looking for more bags to sew? Check out all the Bag Tutorials here!

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  1. Jackie

    13 May

    Thank you for this tutorial! I need to make a new bag for the outside cats I feed. The bag I’m using right now is falling apart. I’ll add handles to mine.

  2. knuckstermom

    13 May

    Such a cute idea, ans such a cute little chickie bag to start with!

  3. Mari Gossett

    3 February

    I almost thought this was a change purse. It looks so tiny. Such a cute feed sack. Makes me want to go out and buy the feed just to make.
    : )

  4. Norma

    16 August

    Here are a few things I also do with the feed bags–I make shopping bags for my friends since here in California you have to pay for your shopping bags–also if you are using a Chicken bag then find cute chicken fabric to match–I make adult aprons out of them–I have done them out of Chicken,Horse,Pig and dog and cat food bags–make great conversational pieces to hang in your kitchen

  5. Chyrel

    16 August

    I used more of the bag and put handles on the top and use it for a shopping bag. I get so many requests and remarks about my cool bag. Have also used dog food bags for my friends with pets they keep the “dog stuff” in them when traveling with their pet.

  6. Becky

    21 August

    What great suggestions! The aprons are a fun idea. They would work out wonderfully. Thank you for sharing.

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