tshirt cinch sack tutorial #upcycle #freepattern | patchworkposse.com
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2 T-Shirt Cinch Sack Tutorial – Earth Day Project

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Sew a t-shirt cinch sack using 2 t-shirts. Great for upcycle and earth day projects. Super simple, cute and the kids will love them!

I’m a big fan of upcycle or reusing what you have.  There are many a sweaters that have been shrunk {not going to say whether or not that is on purpose} and then made into something new.

Finding a few t-shirts that haven’t been worn out, but just don’t fit the other day I got thinking that they would make some super cute bags!

This is a 2 t-shirt cinch sack, perfect for memory makers or to customize for the wearers likes.

tshirt cinch sack tutorial #upcycle #freepattern | patchworkposse.com

The size of shirts I started off– blue size 10 kids. green- size adult small.

The cinch sack is lined, making the t-shirt keep it’s shape and last longer.   Everything to make the bag is from the shirts.  No other materials are needed.

tshirt cinch sack tutorial #upcycle #freepattern | patchworkposse.com

 2 t-shirt Cinch Sack Tutorial

Materials needed:

2 t-shirts that you can cut up

Instructions for the T-Shirt Cinch Sack:

1)  Cut 2 pieces out of the t-shirt  for the outside of the bag–  14″ X 11″  {this size can be adjusted to your needs}

Try to center the design in the middle of the rectangle.  Don’t worry about having finished edges on these.  They don’t need them.

2)  Cut 2 additional pieces from the second shirt – for the lining, ADDING 1″ to the top edge of both pieces {this will be folded down on top of the outside to hold the ties, my size in the example would be 15″ X 11″}–

* cut out with the finished hem on one side, this will come in handy when sewing the bag together to have this finished already.

3)  Cut 2 strips 4″ long out of the neck or sleeve hem– used as the loops at the bottom of the bag


4)  Fold the strip in half and pin to the side of the outside piece — 1″ from the bottom


5)  Pin right sides together the front and back of the outside-  Sew around the bag, leaving the top open

6)  Repeat with the lining t-shirt  (there won’t be any loops to pin or sew)

7)  Stuff the lining inside the outside bag, wrong sides will be facing

8)  Match the side seams


9)  Fold the extra 1″ down, on top of the outside bag, Pin in place


10)  Sew around the whole top, along the bottom edge of the folded hem….. leaving a 1/2″ opening on either side of the bag for the tie opening.

11)  Cut 1″ wide ties X the length you need.  If your shirt isn’t large enough, sew the strips together end to end  *pull these ties and stretch them so they will naturally make a cord

12)  Tie one end of the strap to the loop at the bottom of the bag

Create a Backpack for kids

13)  On the same side you tied the strap to, feed the tie through the hole, going all the way around the bag and coming back out of the same hole

Kids Backpack

14)  Make any kind of adjustments to the strap and wear!

T-shirt Cinch Sack

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6 thoughts on “2 T-Shirt Cinch Sack Tutorial – Earth Day Project

  1. Anne

    that is the cutest bag!!! And I love that it’s lined to make it sturdier. I just sent a link to your tutorial to a friend of mine who makes bags of crafts and activities to bring to kids in the local children’s hospital. These would be perfect!! I’ve also got a Craft Gossip post that links to your tutorial:

  2. Becky

    thank you! These are perfect for a project like that.

  3. Theres Just One Mommy

    They are all so cute! My son hates to get rid of his favorite shirts — what a great way to recycle them!

  4. Maria Waley

    This is a great project to make especially handy for our child .Thanks, you are a good teacher. Clear and well-planned instructions!

  5. Cucicucicoo

    What a wonderful idea! I have a shirt that my daughter is devastated that it doesn’t fit her anymore. I was thinking of cutting out the designs on the front and back and appliqueing them to a new shirt, but this is a much better way to use them! 🙂 Lisa

  6. Becky

    so glad you found it! I’d love to see it when you are finished. Share it in the facebook group!

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