No Sew Banner with Star Applique

Red, white and blue is a classic.  Such a great color combination for the whole summer.

I thought about keeping it simple and not going over board with a mega diy project.

This  star banner can be made in a couple of hours…. perfect for those last minute bbq’s and backyard parties.

It’s a no sew  diy project….. just right for those of you who don’t have a sewing machine yet or have one, but don’t have the time to sew!

star banner no sew diy project

Materials Needed:

5 strips of fabric – for the banner–  red white or blue white ticking fabric works great!  4 1/2″ X 13″

5 squares 4″ X 4″ – for the stars

Heatnbond lite- fusible

ribbon or string 90″

pinking shears

fourth of july banner tutorial

4th of July Star Banner Tutorial:

1)  Cut your fusible into 5 pieces for the banner: 4 1/2″ X 6″

2)  Place your fusible on the wrong side of half of the banner fabric, follow the directions to fuse in placestar banner fusible

Find the center of the ribbon. This is where your first banner will be placed, centered on that mark

3)  Remove paper and fold the banner in half with the ribbon sandwiched at the top- fuse in place

star banner fold over ribbon

* Repeat with the other banner pieces, spacing them 6″ apart along the ribbon.

4) Mark 2 1/4 or the center of the banner 1 1/2 inch from the bottom edge

star banner mark point

5)  Using pinking shears, cut from the corner to the center mark.  Repeat from other corner

star banner pinking shears

6) Follow the instructions and fuse the fusible heatnbond to the wrong side of the star fabric

7)  Draw a star.  Trace around it until you are happy with the shape.  Cut out the star and use this as a template for the other 4 stars

star banner trace

8)  Fuse the stars onto the banners

star holiday banner

If you’d like you can sew the edges of the banner and the star, but it isn’t necessary.   If your banner shifts because the ribbon doesn’t hit the fusible, you can place a couple drops of glue on the ribbon and slide the banner in place or a thin trip of fusible.

You could do more than 5 little banners with stars.  Depending on the look you are going for, or you can adjust the length of the ribbon if you have a specific place you are hanging them which is smaller or larger.

This no sew project is very adjustable!  Great diy project for a backyard summer picnic.

no sew 4th of july banner

For a few more fun 4th of July Holiday projects — check out the quilt as you go flag pillow, and red white and blue fabric scrap wreath.


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