Terry Cloth Fingertip Towels – Quick And Easy Tutorial

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Learn how to make your own terry cloth fingertip towels with binding with this quick and easy tutorial. Easy sewing project for beginners. Video tutorial to help you even more!

Fingertip Towels are the best.  They are a little smaller than a regular hand towel , but larger than a wash cloth.

And, because you are binding the terry cloth fabric center they are great to customize.  No more plain colors or weird patterns.  It goes perfect for what you need in your bathroom.

terry wash cloths tutorial

These would even be great to make for a baby shower or present.  Make it with a few burp cloths and you are set!

Materials Needed:

12″ X 18″  terry cloth

2 1/2″ X 36″ binding

cotton finger towel tutorial

Terry Cloth Fingertip Towels Instructions~

1)  Fold your binding strip in half and iron so it’s ready to go

* quick tutorial for sewing your binding strips together if they are too short.

2)  Bind the edge of the terry cloth center

* have trouble with your corners?  Here’s a quick corner miter binding tutorial.

3)  Snip your thread and you are ready to use!

Here’s a little video tutorial to help you see it in action.

terry towel hand cloth

terry towel with binding


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