Double Gauze Baby Blanket Tutorial With Pom Poms

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Sew up a double gauze fabric baby blanket! Super simple with a double fold hem or binding. Pom pom edge is adorable! Video to help you along.

Double Gauze fabric is kind of new out there.  It’s light, airy and perfect for swaddling babies in the summer.

This baby blanket tutorial with a video will show you how to do a double folded hem or binding….and there are pom poms on the edge!

Don’t be afraid of the pom poms.  Use a zipper foot to help stitch them on, but I’m telling you they are worth the extra fuss.

So cute and a great way to dress up a simple baby blanket or even quilt.

double gauze baby blanket tutorial with video - simple double hem binding!

Materials Needed:

Double Gauze – 45″

pom pom minis – 5 1/2 yards

Baby Blanket Tutorial with Double Gauze

1- Cut your double gauze fabric so it’s square.  The piece I bought was 60 inches wide. I cut it square to the 45.  There will be leftovers….watch for a tutorial on what to do with it!

2- Double Fold the sides to make the hem or binding.  Watch the video to see how this is done-

  • fold the edge over 1/4″
  • fold the edge over again a second time 1/4″

double gauze baby blanket tutorial with video - simple double hem binding and pom poms!

Double Folded Hem Video

Attaching the pom pom edging~

*You’ll be stitching on top of the hem, right along the edge with the pom pom trim tucked under.  Leave your needle in the down position and check often the placement so you don’t skip the trim.

1 zipper with pom pom

1- Lay the mini pom pom on top of the hem and stitch to secure.  Use a zipper foot to make it easier to get around the pom poms.

1 zipper foot with pom pom edging

2- At the corner, leave the needle in the down position, pivot the pom pom around the corner and begin again.

1 sewing the edge of pom pom blanket

3- at the end of the pom pom, overlap the ends 1″, layer and stitch in place

1 ending the pom pom edging

Super cute!

pom pom edge double gauze baby blanket tutorial with video to help with the double hem or binding

Watch for the tutorial on making a baby burp cloth using the extra fabric!

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Have you stitched with double gauze yet?  Like it?


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