Pillowcase roll tutorial

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As you can see from the fabric, these were made a while back.

For Christmas.

This Pillowcase is not just for the holidays only – though it would make a nice Mother’s Day present.

Every year we swap our favorite things (my sister, mom and sister in laws).  This year I choose to make everyone a new pillowcase.  Because having a new pillowcase is one of my favorite things.

This one makes you totally look like a professional stitcher.

It has a trim piece, a cuff….and the seams are not raw!

No, you don’t need a serger for this, it’s all done with a french seam.  Don’t run away. It’s not as bad as you think.

Let’s begin shall we?!

pillowcase roll tutorial with cuff and trim - this is not as hard as you think! You can mix and match any of the pieces. Great for gifts!

Cut list for each pillowcase:
From Main Fabric, cut 1 piece that is 27″ x 40″
From Coordinating Fabric, cut 1 piece that is 9″ X 40″
From Trim Fabric, cut 1 piece that is 2″ X 40″

FABRIC: pick it up at Connecting threads or Fat Quarter Shop

Supplies you may need:

pillowcase with hem and french seams1

Pillowcase Roll Tutorial~

1- With wrong sides together, fold the trim piece in half lengthwise and press.

iron the strip2- Match the raw edges of the Trim along the top edge of the Cuff and pin to hold.
lining up the strip3- Place the Pillowcase Body on top of the Cuff/Trim with right sides together and pin or clip in place

layer the pieces4- Taking the bottom of the pillowcase body, roll it right up to the top edge – you don’t want it to line up with the pinned edge, it needs to stop before it so it isn’t caught in your stitching seam.

roll the middle piece5- Take the bottom edge of the cuff fabric and wrap it up to the edge and repin to secure

fold the outer piece up and clip6- Sew along the raw edge that is pinned

7- Pull the pillowcase out right sides

stitch along the edge and turn right sides out8- Give it a good iron, things will be just a little scrunched and off

iron it all out nicely9- Pin the side seams and along the bottom— WRONG sides are touching, the right sides are facing out.  This is a french seam. Just go with it for a minute.

pin the side wrong sides facing

10- Sew along the pinned edge.

11- Trim the seam to make sure there isn’t anything not straight.  These can get caught in the seam later and don’t look nice.

trim after stitching the seam

12- Turn the pillowcase wrong sides out – push the corners out and iron if needed

13- Make the seam go right along the outside and stitch again just past the original seam.

turn right sides in and stitch along seam

14- Turn the pillowcase right sides out again and you are finished.

The beauty of this is the seams are hidden – no raw edges!  It has a very finished look.

You can mix it up with the cuff and trim or you can leave out the trim and just go with a cuff….you decide.

They are a little tricky the first time around, but you’ll get the hang of it and it will go quicker.

Have you made these before?  Have any additional hints to help us out?

Don’t you just love new pillowcases?


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