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30 Minute Baby Blanket with Mitered Corner

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Learn how to make a simple baby blanket with mitered corners. Great to have a few on hand for surprise presents.

Sometimes there isn’t much time for sewing up a baby blanket.  We are told and the next thing we know it’s time to go to the party or present our gift!  To help you with this problem that frequently shows up in my life, here is a quick baby blanket tutorial….but it’s kind of a little fancy with mitered corners.

It’s a bit tricky, but once you get it you will love it!  It’s perfect for making a few and having them on hand for emergency presents.

baby blanket pattern

Materials Needed:

Accent fabric cut to 40 inches square

Center fabric cut to 30 inches square

The outside border/binding fabric LARGER than your center fabric.

I’ll quickly tell you that the theory of this is-the back or accent fabric will get pulled to the front or center fabric.

If you cut the back 10 inches larger than the front, then it will come about 5 inches onto the front on EACH side!

Make your own adjustments on these cut measurements. My one piece wasn’t large enough to get a 40 inch cut, so i went with 36 inches.  Therefore, my accent only comes over around 3 inches on each side to the front. Get it?

baby blanket tutorial 1-1

30 Minute Baby Blanket with Mitered Corner:

1) Fold the accent and the center fabric  in half and mark with a pencil on the wrong side of the fabric the center. Repeat for all 4 sides of each piece.

2) Taking the accent and the center fabrics, match the marked centers and pin in place right sides together. Continue to pin from the center out to the edge.

baby blanket tutorial2-1

***NOTICE that the edges DO NOT MATCH!!!!  This is not a mistake. I am not batty. {no comments there please }

See how the accent is dangling in the corner? No worries thoughThis will become the miter corner. Nice huh?

pinning baby blanket11

3) After pinning from the center to the edges along all 4 sides it is time to sew!

4) Start in the center on one side and stitch to the edge. ***You will need to STOP SEWING 1/4 inch from the edge**

mitered corner11

5) Start again 1/4 inch from the edge and sew along the next sideagain, stopping 1/4 inch from the edge. Repeat until you go around all 4 sides-LEAVE AN OPENING FOR TURNING-

6) Now you will need to deal with those floppy corners.  Fold that inside center fabric in.

mitered corner14

7) Fold the sides in Matching up the side seams.

miteterd corner12

8)  Take a ruler and line it up along the folded edge and the end of the sewing line- where you stopped stitching.  Draw a line with a pencil. You will stitch on this line. Pin in place to keep it all in order.  *if you line it up on the raw edge it WILL NOT WORK***

mark with pencil on corner1

9)  Sew on pencil line.  Cut off corner 1/4 inch from stitched line.

cut off the corner1

10) Turn Right sides out using the opening you left earlier.

11)  Iron down the edges. This takes a bit of coaxing, but really the accent fabric will jump to the front!  Fiddle with those miter corners to get them just right and perfect.  When you get to the opening you left, fold inside the selvage edge and pin in place.

baby blanket miter1

12)  Take the blanket to the sewing machine and stitch on the ACCENT fabric just beyond that edge.  This will keep it all from shifting with use and will close that opening for turning. Isn’t that just slick girls?

miter corner1

This blog post has been converted to an optional PDF that’s optimized for printing. Find more here. The blog post is totally free to read, print, and sew! The PDF tutorial & download for $2 is totally optional.

This is another quick blanket that was made with tie dye fabric– but still has the mitered corners!

Tie Dye Summer Blanket here!

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    Love this easy peasy baby quilt the mitered corners are great.

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