Quick and Simple Fabric Napkin Tutorial

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Go green with this quick and simple fabric napkin tutorial. Great for holidays, or any time of the year.

In my house we go through quite a bit of napkins.  There is always something or someone to wipe.  After looking around for a bit and finding that really I have more than enough fabric to make a napkin for everyone in the world…not really, but maybe!

Anyways- fabric napkins might be the best thing to do for us.  Today I thought I’d share how to make a few quick and simple fabric napkins using one piece of fabric.

easy fabric napkins tutorial | patchworkposse #easysewingproject #holiday #freepattern

This simple trick with the corners is a great way to quickly finished the hemmed outside.  You can make multiple napkins at a time and whip right through a pile before you know it.

Materials Needed:

1– 13″ X 13″ fabric per napkin  (you can vary this size easily depending on what size you really like to use– larger for adults, smaller for little kids)

easy fabric napkins tutorial | patchworkposse #easysewingproject #holiday #freepattern

Quick and Simple Fabric Napkin Tutorial:

1)  On the wrong side of the fabric, mark a 45 degree angle 1 inch from the corner.  You can make this simply by lining up the center point with a measurement on your cutting mat


2)  Repeat this with each corner

3)  Fold the fabric in half at the corner– the drawn line will be on either side of the fold

4)  Sew on the drawn line– you don’t need to sew to the edge as this will be turned under later.  Cut off the extra corner



5)  Turn the corner right sides out and using a blunt tool push the point out


6)  Iron the sides -kind of pull on each corner to make the hem fold down in the right place, then iron


7)  Fold the raw edge under again 3/8- 1/4″ and iron


8)  Sew along the folded edge


These napkins can be made with any kind of fabric….they would be super cute to make in custom fabric depending on who is going to use them.

Make a bunch and give them in a little house warming present or an addition to any shower gift you need.

Just make sure that you make enough so there is one for everyone, and there is enough to go in between wash times.

easy fabric napkins tutorial | patchworkposse #easysewingproject #holiday #freepattern

Want to try a self binding napkin with two fabrics?  Here’s a quick tutorial-


Do you use fabric napkins?


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