Hexagon Quilt Tutorial

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I am not a big hand stitcher or for that matter a hexagon quilt sewer, but for some reason I have hit the bug of —they are so cute.  And, look, I can watch t.v. while doing something productive.  I am even in love with the idea of having immediate satisfaction! I mean, make a few of those hexagons and sew them together and low and behold you have the start of a hexagon quilt, growing right before your eyes.

For those of you who are just starting out on this fantastically self satisfying journey- I have put together a quick reference tutorial.  I am fully aware that others just take one stitch per corner, and that I take a few extra stitches…..but I kind of like to pull the thread if needed to kind of ‘gather’ the thread.

I don’t use any spray starch, or liquid starch.  I just finger press.  I also just print off the hexagon template right on normal paper!  Gasp.  If you find this is too thin to use, then print off the pattern on thicker paper, or cardstock.  I DON’T use these templates over though…not going for longevity here. Just going for use it once kind of thing.

The thread that I use is hand quilting thread.  It is a bit thicker than the normal thread, and can handle going in and out of the fabric without thinning out and shredding apart.

Do you need templates for your Hexagons?  You can find some different sizes here.

hexagon quilt tutorial - learn how to make the hexagons by hand! Great tutorial plus has videos for each part! Love to watch it while i learn. I'm going to try the flower-

Hexagon Quilt Instructions~

1)  Cut out the template, lay on wrong side of fabric

2)  Fold one edge over the template and finger press, fold the second edge over

3)  Starting on one corner, take a few stitches to secure

4)  Take a couple of stitches to the next folded corner

5)  Continue stitching to each corner, making sure the next side if folded before you get to the corner.

6)  Take a couple of stitches when you are at the beginning corner of the hexagon {center photo}

How to English Paper Piece or Sew your Hexagon Quilt Pieces~

Sewing two Hexagons together~

1)  Lay right sides together, matching up the edge

2)  Take a few stitches on the corner, catching both hexagons

3)  Stitch little whip stitch stitches along the top edge of the hexagons- keep them lined up. You will be catching just the top edge of the fabric and NOT stitching through the template.  Right along that fold is where your needle will catch for the stitch

4)  Open up the hexagons and continue with the next piece

hexagon quilt tutorial / patchwork posse

Sewing More than one Hexagon Together~

You will encounter Y seams when you are sewing more than two pieces together.

Line up the edge and stitch along that {as it says in the above instructions}  At the corner you will pivot the piece and line up the second edge — you will need to maybe or convince the edge to line up with the second edge.  Continue stitching the top edge until the next corner and pivot the piece again, and match up the edges.

The bottom picture shows the back side of the hexagon quilt so far.  One of the papers has snuck out, but for the most part, you will want to leave the paper in until all the pieces are sewn together.  You can take out the paper on the inner shapes, but wait to remove those outer ones until you have them sewn down to the background fabric.  It will help it keep the shape of the whatever you are sewing your hexagons into.

And once you are all done and have a nice pile of hexagons…

here’s a quick look at how to get them sewn to your chosen background piece~

Clickety click here for free printable hexagon quilting templates

printable hexagon templates for quilting / patchwork posse

Hexagon Quilt Pattern – Grandmother’s Flower Garden.

It all starts with the flower.

The Flower is the perfect hexagon sewing project to start with!  It’s only 7 pieces…..you can make it into a pincushion or pillow.  It will give you a nice size practice without going overboard.  If you are in love….you can do something larger!

learn how to sew a hexagon flower

If you’d like to practice your new found love– you can give it a try with some Snowflakes.  In the future there will be another tutorial on hand applique techniques so you can sew these fun shapes down to a quilt.

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Need a template for you hexagon project? You will find a few free sizes here:


Now that you have your templates– how about some fun and free Hexagon tutorials!

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If you have any questions about sewing these cute little things- Ask them in the comments.

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