How to Make Your Own Plastic Hexagon Template

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Sewing with hexagons can be so fun– I almost find it immediately rewarding…and I love that kind of sewing!
You sew up a little shape, sew it to the next shape and after a bit, you have a whole bunch!
Because you are using paper for your template, they tend to wear out. There might be even a few with stiching holes! {do you ever do that?}
Today, I thought that we could go over an option for using a template more than 2 times.

plastic applique templates

I have already gone over different kinds of template materials you can use. Today we will just do the tutorial on making them.

Materials Needed:

See through plastic {I used the avery plastic dividers for 3 ring binders

Your hexagon templates printed- or any other applique template you are using

Sharpie permanent market- fine point

How to make your own plastic hexagon template

1)  Print off you template

2)  Place the material you are using on the printed paper. {this method works best if you are using a transperent material}

3)  With a fine point sharpie and ruler, trace the template onto the plastic.


4)  Cut out the template– use scissors or a rotary cutter.  Depending on what you are using your template for you will need to add 1/4″ seam allowances before you cut.

5)  Store, use and store again!


These will last longer then the paper or card stock version.

You can make any of your frequently used applique templates using this method too.

*Hint– if using this tutorial for hexagons, you might want to punch a small whole in the center with a hole punch. That way you can remove them easier without misshaping what you sewed!

Do you have a favorite method for making templates?  Or What color would you make yours out of?

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