Homemade Spray Starch

Learn how to make your own copy cat best press spray starch. Recipe and instructions included.

This is the best copy cat recipe ever!  As far as for quilters go.  I have been using this recipe and my spray for over a year and I love it!  It works great.

The recipe make a lot of spray starch.  

Out of my gallon of distilled water, I got 18 bottles plus there was some left over.  

It goes a long way.

How to make your own spray starch | best press knock off | patchworkposse

This is a copy cat to Best Press.  I love that stuff, but when I am sewing and pressing so much, it’s just not reasonable to use it all the time.  

This works just as great and is soooo cheap!

This spray starch keeps your fabric starchy, but not too much that the crease is permanent in your fabric.  It’s perfect if you are looking for a nice lite starch feel to your fabric.  

Helps hold the quilt blocks straight and in shape.


Copy Cat Spray Starch Materials:

1 bottle of VODKA — can be the cheapest one in the store.

1 gallon of DISTILLED water

1 Spray bottle — I found these cute 5 oz in the beauty department of the dollar store

Essential Oils (optional.  mix with the vodka before adding to the water)


3 oz. Vodka

24 oz. distilled water

Home Made Spray Starch Instructions:

1)  mix 24 oz distilled water with 3 oz Vodka

2)  blend well


3)  Pour into spray bottle using a funnel

4)  Use!

I have heard of others adding a few drops of essential oils.  I haven’t tried this as I don’t really care if it smells or not.  As long as you shake your bottle before spraying you should be fine…there shouldn’t be any oil spots on your fabric.  You don’t need but a few drops too– don’t go crazy!


I have never had any problems with it.  There has been no fading or spotting of fabric.  No running of colors.  No stinkyness {unless you really don’t like the mile smell of the mix} or stickiness.  No flakes or white spots.  Nothing.

Have you tried this before? 

I love my new smelly spray starch….if you are interested in a essential oil for beginners kit, head on over here for all the info on essential oils.


Learn how to make your own copy cat best press spray starch. Recipe and instructions included.


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