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How to Whipstitch Embroidery Stitch

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Learn how to use the whipstitch embroidery stitch for your applique. Quick and simple. Great for beginner projects and sewers.

This is the simplest embroidery stitch I know.  The Whipstitch.

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This embroidery stitch is perfect for whipping something up quick.  The edges of the applique are taken care of…. because it doesn’t completely cover the raw edge there might be some raveling or fraying along the edges.

It doesn’t take a lot of concentration.  You can make it whimsy or not.

How to Whip Stitch Embroidery~

Start with a quilter’s knot.

I start with my thread coming out from the inside of the applique.

The needle goes down at the edge of the applique and then comes back up in the inside.

* if you are doing the finishing stitches after the project has been quilted, make sure that your needle doesn’t go all the way through the layers to the backside.  Your little stitch will show!


Continue the process until the end and then tie off to finish.

If you’d like- you can make your stitches whimsy like.  When you take your needle to the outside, go past the edge of the applique.  And, don’t make your stitches even.

whipstitch how to

Do you use the whipstitch on projects?  How? and Where?

For more applique stitches– check the buttonhole and chain stitch out:

button hole easy embroidery stitchHow to chain stitch tutorial / patchwork posse #embroidery #tutorial


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