Winter Snowflake Hexagon Quilt Tutorial

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This little quilt has been sooo patient! It has traveled around for a couple of holidays with family, packed into bed while resting…and finally today it gets to be shared!  Please take note- I appologize that the binding is not done.  I just ran out of time, but it will, I promise it will!

I don’t know about you, but around here it is still freezy.  There is a ton of snow on the ground and from freezing and thawing there is this layer of ice on top of it now.  No fun.

But, I do love a good snow fall.  This little 9 patch quilt is all about the snowfall.

snowflake hexagon quilt tutorial. Included templates! | patchwork posse

Materials Needed for the Snowflake Hexagon Quilt:

  • hexagon templates– You can pick and choose the sizes you go with.  I used a large 5″ template with the smaller 2″ template.  Clickety click here for a few sizes and to print.
  • 9 patch mini quilt background –tutorial here
  • thread and needle


1)  Design and sew up your 9 patch background.  Have this set aside and ready for those snowflakes

2)  Print off your templates and start stitching hexagons!  Need a bit of help? Here are a few tutorials- make your own templates instead of paper, how to hand sew the hexagons.

Play around with placement of the hexi’s.  You can vary the shape of the snowflake easily.  It’s like cutting your own out of paper…it’s kind of fun!  After you are pleased with how they look, pin them to the background quilt.

3)  Hand or machine sew your hexagons down to the background quilt


4)  Do a little bit of quilting around the shapes.  For this little quilt, I used thread received from Wholeport.  It came in a package of 39.  They are the perfect size and such a great variety of colors that one fit just right.  After putting out a question on facebook, I went with the more teal color. Thanks for your help deciding!


5)  Bind your quilt and sew a hanging sleeve if you plan on displaying it on the wall.

snowflake hexagon quilt tutorial. Included templates! | patchwork posse

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