Caterpillar Burp Cloth Tutorial

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Today I am sewing along with Amber of Crazy Little Projects.  She is hosting a monthly sewing challenge and this month’s theme is Babies!

Sew Crazy Monthly Challenge with Crazy Little Projects

For the challenge I came up with a quick bib and burp cloth featuring a hexagon Caterpillar.

Don’t worry if you are not a hand sewer or english paper piecer.  You can sew the caterpillar down with your sewing machine.  Quick and Easy!

caterpillar applique tutorial | bib and burp rag | patchwork posse #applique #hexagon

Caterpillar Bib and Burp Cloth Tutorial

Materials needed:

Hexagon Template– printed {I used the 2″ hexagon}

2– 9″ x 20″ burp cloth, front and back

fusible heat n bond lite

fabric scraps- caterpillar body

Burp Cloth Instructions:

1)  Print off hexagon templates and trace on fusible

2)  Follow fusible instructions and cut out- you will need 6 per caterpillar


3)  Arrange caterpillar pieces on fabric, remove paper and fuse to fabric


4)  Sew with a zig zag or button hole stitch around the hexagon appliques


5)  With black thread and a very small zig zag stitch, sew the antannae and eyes of the caterpillar {you can also hand embroider if you wish}


6)  Pin right sides together the front and back of the burp cloth

7)  Sew all the way around the cloth, leaving a 2 1/2″ opening for turning

8)  Snip corners and turn right sides out.  Iron

9)  Sew around the outside edge of the burp cloth to close the opening for turning

caterpillar applique tutorial | bib and burp rag | patchwork posse #applique #hexagon

caterpillar applique tutorial | bib and burp rag | patchwork posse #applique #hexagon

You can use the caterpillar applique with hexagon on any other baby sewing project you might have.  It would go great on a bib, blanket or even a onesie!

Love Hexagons?  Here are some more templates and projects for you to do!

Printable Hexagon Templates and Projects


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