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Sewing a Quilt Sleeve Tutorial

Hanging a quilt sometimes is a bit tricky.  Today, let’s tackle the mystery of how to hang a quilt, because after you spent all that time sewing it, you want to show it off!

There are a few different way to hang your quilts- whether they are big or small.  You can use a curtain rod with little pinchers, a traditional board hanger where the quilt gets pinched in between two pieces….and then there is the quilt hanging sleeve.  That mysterious tube that goes all they way across the back of the quilt, yet you don’t see any evidence of it on the front.

Today is a quick tutorial on sewing a hanging sleeve to your quilt, so it can be hung and shown off.

How to hang a quilt with a sleeve- tutorial | Materials needed:

muslin fabric

needle & thread

How to sew a quilt sleeve to hang your quilt with /


Measure the hanging rod that you will be using and double it.  Then add 1/2″

Cut muslin 3″ shorter than the width of the quilt X the measurement that you found in the previous step

Fold muslin in half the long way and sew

Turn tube right sides out and iron

Pin on the back of the quilt, just going above the binding

Sew on the FRONT of the quilt right under the binding using matching thread to the quilt top– the stitch will catch the tube on the backside at the top

Using needle and thread, stitch the bottom to the quilt making sure you are only catching the backing fabric when you are sewing

Slip hang rod into sleeve and hang the quilt

the halloween quilt hanging

Please don’t judge me by the dust on the shelf– I was in a hurry to take a pic and didn’t wipe it down! I haven’t used the hanger for a long time {as is noticable}.  I’m just going to go with– it is for the whole Halloween atmosphere! {I immediatly took the shelf down– only hung it up for the picture}

Love the Halloween Hexagon Spiderweb Quilt?  It’s a free pattern- find it here.

What is your favorite way to hang a quilt?

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