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Free Online Hexagon Generator

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Are you wondering where everyone is getting all those adorable little hexagons?

The free online hexagon generator might be just what you are looking for.

Enter the information, print off hexagons.  Total customization is available.

Could it be simpler?  Nope.  You’ll even get a little help with what kind of materials you can use for the templates.

online hexagon generator

Not ready to fiddle with all the custom bits?  You can purchase a full set of printable hexagons templates here.

Free Online Hexagon Generator~

Calculating various bits about regular hexagons

Given length of a side x
Tip to tip across the hex is 2x.
Height of the hex flat side to flat side is 2x(sqrt(3/4)) or about 1.732x.
Area of the hex is 1.5(x^2 (sqrt(3)) or about 2.56x^2.

Variables you can set:

  • size of the hexagon
  • color of the line
  • how thick the line is
  • what size of paper you are printing on
  • inches or centimeter

What you have to remember with this fun program is that the side X is going to be 2X for a hexagon.  This form is a little tricky and you might end up with some hexagons that are totally not what you were expecting. This is a graph paper printing…so that is why it’s set up like it is.

Are you ready to get started?

Head on over here to start making and printing your hexagons!  Hexagon Generator

free online hexagon generator. use this to make hexagons for english paper piecing and hand work.

Along with that you will not be given any spacing in between the hexagon shapes.  They are printed side by side and so when cutting you might loose a line or two depending on your cutting skills.

Now that you have the hexagons and templates all made.  What can you make your templates out of?

Hexagon Template Materials~

thin cardboard- You don’t want to use the super thick box cardboard, but maybe the cardboard that comes in the mail when you order a book, or the paper milk jug.  Should be easy enough to cut with scissors and re-usable. *wash it before you use it

plastic  Milk jugs again work great.  It is a bit tricky to find a flat spot big enough for your templates, but once you do and have yours made, it will last a long time.  Not transparent, you will have to lay the template on top of it and then cut it out.

X-ray sheets- this is a new one to me, but works great!  If you ask your doctor or dentist they might be able to give you a few sheets.  It is already flat, not like the milk jug and because it’s somewhat transparent you can trace the template easily  {don’t mind the broken bones in the background}.  Thin enough to be cut with scissors, but much stronger than cardstock paper.

cardstock- stiffer than a regular sheet of paper, cardstock is a great one to use. It can be ironed {keep the steam away} and the fabric can wrap around it farely easy because it is a little thicker.  It doesn’t bend as quick as a thin sheet of paper.

non melt mylar- similar to the x-ray sheets, mylar is a plastic.  The non melt lets you use it with an iron.  Perfect for shaping your applique pieces with heat.

clothes dryer sheets  There is such a thing as using clothes dryer sheets for applique!  Drawing the template right onto the dryer sheet, sew directly to the fabric using that line as a guide, snipping the back and turning it right sides out- then applique it down.  That’s a quick run down of how it works.

freezer paper-  great way to keep those template in place- without the pins.  It keeps in place when you are cutting and forming the shape.  In addition to the freezer paper, you can use liquid spray starch to get them to keep thier shape.

iron on fusible web this is probably the quickest way to applique.  Trace the pattern, iron it to the wrong side, cut out and voila! A finished and ready to go applique piece.  The edges are protected from fraying because they have the fusible on the back.  You will need to machine or hand stitch a button hole around the edge to cute it up.

interfacing-  this can be fusible or not.  Same idea as the clothes dryer sheet method.  If you use the fusible it is fused on the last step when putting it on the background.  The fusible will keep it in place while you embroider around it.  No need for pins.

cricut or digital machine that cuts everything for you.  No need for a template here! It does all the work for you. I don’t personally own one, but that would be fun to have.

plastic applique templates

After you have all your hexagons ready to go– now what?  Check out the tutorials and how to’s all about hexagons.  

Learn how to sew hexagons. Free templates, techniques and tutorials | Patchwork Posse

Plus– the video on sewing them together:

Do you have anything to add about making your own templates?

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