How to sew a hexagon and remove the paper |
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Help My Paper is Stuck Inside my Hexagon Quilt!

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There have been a few times recently that I have been in a little bit of a fix.  I was in the stitching mood— just stiching away and at then end, my fabric was making this crinkly noise!  I realized that I had paid no attention to the paper that was left inside the hexagon shapes whiles sewing and had completely sewn them in the hexagon quilt top!

Since the stitches are pretty small and let’s face it, no one likes to unpick…I thought that there must be a better way at removing that trapped paper.

There is!

How to sew a hexagon and remove the paper |

This method works when you are sewing the hexagons down to a background…like the last fat quarter sized quilt- Snowflake hexagon quilt.   The hexagon snowflakes are sewn first, then stitched down to the background, thus, trapping the paper.

This also works before you finish and quilt the quilt.  So, if you notice some crinkling happening, make sure you remove the paper before you quilt it!

1)  Turn over your quilt top and work on the backside or wrong side.

2)  Pinch the background fabric right in the middle of the hexagon.  Take your scissors and make a little snip.  You are only cutting through the background.  Do not cut through the paper and the hexagon!

How to sew a hexagon and remove the paper |

3)  Make the snip a little larger and pull the paper out.

How to sew a hexagon and remove the paper |

4)  Repeat as many times as needed.

If you need additional help with your hexagon quilt- here are some othere tutorials.

How do you deal with trapped paper?  Do you have trick when sewing them?

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