A Bunch of Hexagon Inspiration

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I have been a bit of a collector of great hexagon inspiration lately.  I decided it was high time to keep them all in one place for quick reference.

Digging around blogs and tutorials is where I love to spend my time. There are so many good things to look at and save later for possibly making.

hexagon inspiration board on pinterest. Follow the collection! patchworkposse.com

At first, I was like…yeah it’s a hexi…then I made a few, and a few more. And now I’m like YEAH it’s a HEXI!!  I love it when you give a try with something and it works out like that.  Finding something that will fit in a cute little zipper pouch to carry around and work on in the middle of waiting is perfect!

I am amazed at others designs and ideas.  Don’t you just love opening up your inspiration boards and looking again, and again? And then when you find a new gem…to add it to your collection.  Yeah. Heaven.

If you are a collector of ideas too- I’d love it if you followed my journey of collecting new hexagon inspiration….

Hexagon Inspiration Board

Print off some templates to get you going on those projects!

Do you have a favorite Hexagon project? 


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