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    Braided Key Ring Tutorial

    Hunting for my keys is my least favorite thing to do.  They can never be found when I need them, or are at the bottom of the bag, purse or hiding in a pocket.  This easy braided ribbon key ring is just what I needed. There is a place to slip your hand in to make it ‘hands free’, and…

  • Sew a leash using scrap ribbon and fabric | dog leash tutorial #pets

    Ribbon Dog Leash Tutorial

    Sew a simple ribbon dog leash with a clip on one end and handle on the other. The patchwork leash is embellished with a ribbon- great for scraps and it’s Super cute! Taking my dog for a walk is one of my favorite things to do.   They love the outdoors and exploring everywhere.   A leash is a must…

  • Ribbon wristlet clutch tutorial | #freepattern #clutch | patchwork posse
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    Stacked Ribbon Clutch Tutorial

    Being a big fan of the stacked coins quilts and wristlets, I couldn’t resist mixing them together.  This is a great way to use your little bits of ribbon and fabric pieces. Materials Needed: swivel clip ribbon- various sizes at least 6″ long fabric- 8- 3″ X 6″ for sides of 6″ x 6″ square 1- 6″ X 6″ behind…

  • zipper bag & pouch tutorials | patchwork posse | easy sewing projects and free quilt patterns
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    50 Zipper Pouch and Bag Tutorials

    I’m kind of addicted to little bag, big bags or ok…fine any bags.  My favorite are of the zipper pouch and bag style. The zipper lets you trap your goods inside with no worries of it falling out and scattering across the floor. -which I of course have no experience in…..yeah right! I love small little handy bags {with zippers}…

  • 3-d Flying Geese Quilt Block Tutorial | patchworkposse | easy sewing projects and free quilt patterns
    Quilt Blocks

    3-D Flying Geese Quilt Block

    I love this block.  It looks harder than it is….which makes you look like a professional quilter 🙂 The seam in the center is hidden behind the flying geese part, making it an illusion. Materials Needed: 2- background 3″ X 3″ 1- flying geese 3″ X 5 1/2″ 3-D Flying Geese Quilt Block Tutorial~ 1)  Fold the rectangle in half…

  • water bottle holder with clip | patchwork posse | easy sewing projects and free quilt patterns

    Water Bottle Carrier with Clip Tutorial

    Water resistant fabric can be a bit tricky sometimes.  Not really sure what to make with it other than a table cloth.  During the summer we are going on hikes, riding bikes, camping and doing other outdoor activities…which means you need to bring along a water bottle. This oil cloth or laminate/waterproof fabric is perfect for making a little heavier…

  • Bags

    Sling Library Bag Tutorial

    Today I’m over on Skip to my Lou and sharing a quick tutorial on making a sling library bag. It’s great for hands free shopping on the shelves, loading with good summer reading material, or just for outdoor playtime. The bag is easy enough for a kid to sew….if they are just starting out and are a beginner sewer. The…

  • 9 Plus 1 Quilt Tutorial | patchwork posse |easy sewing projects and free quilt patterns

    9 Plus 1 Table Quilt Tutorial

    For the past little bit I have been fussing over and re-doing a few things in the living room.  You can see the reveal here. One of the projects was to make a co-ordinating table quilt.  I had already updated the pillows and moved things around, and this was kind of the last thing on the list to do to…