Disapearing 9 Patch Quilt Block Tutorial

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I have been purplexed on the disapearing quilt blocks.  So much so that I thought it would be fun to give them a try.

After making up a few, I am convinced that it is a wonderful way to construct a quilt block!  They start off this similar {easy too} foundations and then end up in some totally random configuration.  You know me.  I am a big fan of ‘cranky’ or ‘free’ method of sewing.  Kind of going with your gut sort of thing not worrying too much about the points, straightness or perfection.

dissapearing 9 patch quilt block tutorial | patchwork posse

How about today we go over a quick tutorial all about the Dissapearing 9 Patch so you can give it a try.  Hopefully you will find it just as fun as I did!

Materials needed:

  • 9– 5″ X 5″ squares random, scrappy squares
  • rotary cutter & ruler

9 Patch Quilt Block Instructions:

1)  Sew all 9 squares together to make a standard nine patch quilt block

9 patch tutorial and layout | patchwork posse

2)  Cut the now quilt block down the center -top to bottom, and side by side

9 patch tutorial and layout | patchwork posse

Part of the beauty of the quilt block is the placement of the pieces once you give them a cut.  There really are a lot of options here and if you play around with them, you will come up with the one you like the best.  Here are a few different layouts that I came up with using my blocks.

9 patch tutorial and layout | patchwork posse

You have to remember to that when you sew them all together, there might be a secondary quilt block show up.  Like- if all the corners had the blue square, you will see maybe a 4 patch happening there when the others butt up together.

Printable Disappearing Quilt Block Reference cards | free | patchwork posse

Disappearing 4 patch 

Disappearing 16 patch

Disappearing pinwheel

Disappearing 9 patch
free disappearing quilt patterns

Hope you had fun sewing this 9 patch quilt block up!  Do you have any suggestions for making it the dissapearing 9 patch quilt block?

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